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At 2:14 on February 17, a serious fire broke out in Laozhai, Wengding Village, Mengjiao Ethnic Township, Cangyuan Wa Autonomous County, Yunnan.according [email protected]

This article is compiled from Red Star News and Streetlight Photography. It only represents the original source and the views of the original author. It is for reference only and does not represent the attitude and position of this website.


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On February 2, Mr. Yang, the owner of the old village in Wengding Village (according to the Wa tradition, the village owner is the village principal) told the Red Star News reporter that he was fighting the fire at the scene in the afternoon of the 15th, but because the house is made of wood and thatch. At that time, the wind was strong and the fire was fierce. In addition to traffic and water problems, it was too late for the villagers and firefighters to extinguish the fire. He could only resettle the villagers to avoid injuries.

"The stockade was burned down and everything was gone. There are 105 houses, and now only three or four are left unburnt." Mr. Yang said that two of their houses were burned down and nothing was taken out of the house. "These houses They are all priceless. We built them brick by brick and worked so hard to buy things, and they were gone for an hour."

▲Photo courtesy of the respondent in a serious fire in Laozhai, Wengding Village on February 2

Mr. Yang said that the fire originated from a house where no one lived on that day. At first, everyone didn't know about the fire. Everyone saw the fire after it burned on the roof. However, the specific cause of the fire is still unclear.In Mr. Yang's view, the main reason for the seriousness of the fire was that it was not discovered in time. There had been several fires in Laozhai before, and each time it was brought under timely control.

It is reported that some of the villagers currently affected by the disaster have been concentrated in a nearby hotel.Regarding future plans, Mr. Yang said that he did not know what to do. He believed that even if the village was restored, it would not be the same as before.

▲On February 2, firefighters put out the fire at the scene.

Ouyang Zhiqin, a senior engineer at the Yunnan Academy of Environmental Sciences, has been committed to the protection of ancient villages. She has devoted a lot of energy and emotion to the protection of the old village in Wengding Village.During the conversation with the Red Star News reporter, she couldn't help crying, "Weng Ding is unique, and the loss this time is immeasurable. Since 2013, there have been related projects for fire prevention in Laozhai, but now things like this It still happened."

According to Ouyang Zhiqin, Wengding Village has a history of building villages for nearly 400 years. There were 105 households with 471 people. Tourism began in 2004, and some villagers from Laozhai were relocated to the new village.

According to the Cangyuan County Bureau of Culture and Tourism, the folk customs of Wengding Wa Village are the epitome of the cultural inheritance and development of the entire Wa area, the birthplace of the world's Wa culture, the last living body of Chinese tribal culture, and the living museum of Wa culture.In recent years, Wengding Village has been included in the National Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection List of "Wood Drum Dance of Wa Nationality" and "Legend of Sigangli", and the provincial protection list of "Wengding Village Wa Traditional Culture Preservation Area" and "Wa Woodcarving Production Skills" , Hailed as "the last primitive tribe" by "Chinese National Geographic" magazine, and named as the top ten beautiful villages in Lincang. On March 2, 2020, the Wengding primitive tribal cultural tourism area was assessed as a national 3A-level tourist attraction by the Yunnan Provincial Tourism Scenic Area Quality Rating Committee.

For the past 10 years, documentary director Liu Chunyu has been shooting a documentary about Wengding Village. He has almost witnessed the changes in Wengding Village. On February 2th, he was very sad when he learned of the fire in Wengding Guzhai, and prepared to go as soon as possible. “There is no place for shooting for so many years now.”

Liu Chunyu's documentary "Weng Ding" also started with a fire in Weng Ding Laozhai. In 2013, a fire broke out in Wengding Laozhai.After the fire broke out, the chiefs represented by the village owners received a notice from the county. For the sake of safety and development of tourism, the local government decided to cooperate with tourism companies to renovate the Wengding village, re-select the site to build a new village, and let All the villagers moved away from Guzhai to live in the new village, but the relocation met with unanimous opposition from the village.After eight years of resistance, most of the young people in the village chose to compromise, and only a few old people remained in the ancient village.

The 400-year-old ancient village destroyed by the fire, the last primitive tribe in China, how beautiful is Wengding?

The most distressing and regrettable incident last night was the destruction of Wengding, the "last primitive tribe in China" by a fire.Before that, Weng Ding was quiet and beautiful like a paradise.

"Some people have come a long way, but they have never gone far."Many people met Weng Ding from Hu Ge's video.But I believe that until now, many people still don't know that there is such a unique and original place within the border.

Wengding, located in the southwestern border of the motherland, is a well-known Wa township, Mengjiao Dai and Yi Lahu Township, Cangyuan County, Lincang City, Yunnan Province, bordering Myanmar.The word Wengding means "clouds and mists" in Wa language.

In 2016, I came here and deeply felt the beauty of "clouds and mists" here.Surrounded by mountains, dense forests, and smoke rising in a deep forest, the ancient village of Wengding is in front of the shadows of the ancient trees.

Compared with other well-known places in Yunnan, Cangyuan is too remote.Wengding Village was still in primitive society until liberation, so many seals of primitive society have been preserved.

Every visitor to Onding will be attracted by the primitive and mysterious here.There are various traditional elements of the Wa villages, such as the gate, the stilt, the salar house, the singing field, the sacrificial house, the wooden drum house, the head pile, the bull head pile, etc., which exudes a strong primitive tribal atmosphere.

Most of the women in Onding smoke, and they still have the tradition of blackening their teeth with the juice of plants, which they think protects their teeth and looks beautiful.

In 2006, this village was included in the intangible cultural heritage protection list.However, there are not many people living here. When I went there in 2016, the population of Wengding Village was already less than 300.

Over the years, more and more people have included Onding in their travel plans. Who knew that on February 2021, 2, a fire burned it.When I heard the news last night, I wrote an article. Many netizens commented and expressed regret.

Netizen 4563 said: "Because of time constraints two years ago, passing Pu'er did not drive into this life has become a great regret, sad!"

Netizen Xian Feng said: I used my arms here to measure a thousand-year-old tea tree. Here, I followed the footsteps with my heart and smiled and met with the villagers. My friends thought that I would introduce their Wa people bit by bit.

Netizen 4370 said: I went there five years ago and it was very beautiful. The ancient tree tea there is very delicious. I buy more than 50 kilograms every year.Yesterday I said I wanted to buy it. It's a pity today.

Netizen Yuying Zhilian said: Today I am going to Wengding Village from Kunming to Lincang, and I am still in the hotel in Lincang, which makes me so sad...

For more people, going to see Onding has become an impossible wish.

This article is compiled from Red Star News and Streetlight Photography. It only represents the original source and the views of the original author. It is for reference only and does not represent the attitude and position of this website.

Comprehensive report statement: This article is a comprehensive report from multiple sources, only represents the original author or the original platform's attitude, does not represent our views, the article may be appropriately deleted.Reprinting is strictly prohibited without the written authorization of this site, and the source of this article and the link to the specific web page must be clearly indicated in the reprint.

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