Australia-Zhejiang, China, diagnosed!The official re-innovation of the word "input from outside the province" provokes discussion | Australia Chinatown

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The new coronavirus disease (COVID-19) epidemic continues to spread, and yesterday (7th) there were another 14 confirmed cases and 16 asymptomatic infections. . .

The novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) epidemic continues to spread. Yesterday (7th) 14 new confirmed cases and 16 asymptomatic infections were added again. The official new term "imported from outside the province" was used to call one person from Henan to Zhejiang. Finally The local asymptomatic infection diagnosed in Zhejiang has caused heated discussions among Chinese netizens and dumbfounded criticisms, "New term, imported from outside the province, which province is it?"

According to the announcement of the China Health Commission, yesterday (7th) from 0:24 to XNUMX:XNUMX,31 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government) and Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps reported 14 new confirmed cases, all of which were imported cases (Shanghai 7 cases, Guangdong 7 cases), and 16 new asymptomatic infections (1例、境外输入15例)。其中,官方再创新词”省外输入”称呼浙江这1例本土无症状感染者,经查这名男性于1月27日从河南省信阳市自驾到浙江省东阳市,25日在出发地检测为阴性,并于2月6日因工作需要自主检测而确诊。

In response to this, Chinese netizens have been dumbfounded to criticize, "New terms, input from outside the province, which province is it?", "Where is the province? The trajectory of actions should be announced to see if there are many people in close contact.", "No Do you have nucleic acid testing? How did people outside the province get in?" "This "other province" can check it carefully, there are no isolated asymptomatic infections", "tell me a little bit more specifically!" "I will return to the peak soon", "Should Let’s postpone the start of school, right?”, “Enter the province without symptoms? Well, pay attention to safety”.

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