Australia-China is accused of collecting intelligence in this way. Why does the US government know it secretly? | Australia Chinatown

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In 2015, the US Federal Bureau of Investigation warned multiple companies that Chinese spies had hidden a chip with additional code on a manufacturer’s server.

The report stated that these incidents involve two things in common: China and California-based Supermicro.At the same time, there is another characteristic, that is, the US intelligence agencies know about it, but keep it secret, trying to carry out counterintelligence work, trying to figure out the details of China.

Former FBI senior official Jay Tabb pointed out that the Supermicro incident highlighted a wide range of risks in the global supply chain.




Supermicro said in response to Bloomberg's inquiry that the US government or company's customers have never contacted them about these so-called investigations.Supermicro stated that Bloomberg brought together some disparate and inaccurate allegations and reached far-fetched conclusions.

Supermicro stated that US federal agencies, including those under investigation in the report, continue to purchase Supermicro products.


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