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                        中国天气网讯今天(2月17日)是大年初六,全国多地冷意仍存,气温依然在低位运行,不过雨雪范围缩减,仅东北地区和西南地区等地有小雨雪天气。随着冷空气过程结束,雨雪停歇,春节假期结束后,全国大部地区将迎大回暖,短短几天华北、黄淮、江南北部等地累计升温幅度将超10℃,局地升幅可到20℃左右,冷暖切换非常迅速。</p><p style="text-align: center"><img src="" title="3a29572417748243b7d439f344169797.jpg" alt="3a29572417748243b7d439f344169797.jpg" />

Yesterday, the blue sky in Beijing was "online", but the strong wind roared and felt full of freezing.


Yesterday, there was still precipitation in the north-central Northeast and the south of the Yangtze River. Among them, there was light to moderate snow or sleet in the central and eastern Heilongjiang, the eastern Jilin, and the eastern Shandong Peninsula. Local precipitation in Jiamusi, Heilongjiang and Weihai, Shandong was 5-12 Millimeters; the overall precipitation in the south is relatively weak, dominated by light rain, while moderate rain occurs in southern Hunan, central Jiangxi, and parts of western Fujian.

Today and tomorrow the range of rain and snow across the country will be reduced, but precipitation in the southwest and northeast regions will continue.The Central Meteorological Observatory predicts that today there will be light to moderate snow or sleet in parts of eastern and northwestern Heilongjiang, eastern Jilin, eastern Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, and some areas in central and western Sichuan, western Guizhou, and most of Yunnan have light rain or Showers; there will be light to moderate snow or sleet in parts of northeastern Inner Mongolia, northern Heilongjiang, eastern Tibet, southern Qinghai, northern Sichuan plateau and other places tomorrow, in central and western Sichuan, western Guizhou, most of Yunnan, Taiwan Island and other places Light to moderate rain in some areas.

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After the Spring Festival holiday, the country's sparse rain and snow will continue for a period of time, and most areas will be dominated by fine weather with few clouds.


Affected by the cold air, the northerly wind whistled yesterday, local gusts reached over 8 and the temperature dropped to a recent trough. The wind chill effect was obvious.

With the end of the cold air and the suspension of precipitation, the cooling process will soon end. Starting today, most areas of the country will gradually pick up.



Meteorological experts reminded that in recent days, the temperature fluctuates sharply. The public should pay attention to weather changes when traveling, to prevent the adverse effects of rain and snow on traffic travel, increase or decrease clothing in time according to temperature changes, beware of colds, and spend the Spring Festival holiday safely.

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