Australia-did you know?Andy Lau on the Spring Festival Gala last night was taken up by "P" | Australia Chinatown

Release your eyes, put on headphones, and listen~!
昨晚是除夕夜, 有多少人和家人朋友一起, 围坐在饭桌前看央视春晚?哪些节目最精彩? 热搜又被谁霸屏?。。。

How many people are with family and friends,


Which shows are the most exciting?

Who dominates the hot search?

Come on, this article has it all!

Andy Lau Yun recorded no sense of violation

For the audience in Guangdong

The most exciting guest performer

It's Andy Lau!

60 岁的刘德华一出场

The mothers picked up their phones one after another

Become a star chaser girl

It turns out Andy Lau is a cow!In the creative performance "Bull Up", the program team not only invited the mecha bull with a sense of science and technology to help out, but also specifically asked Andy Lau, Wang Yibo, Guan Xiaotong, three actors who belong to the cattle to sing.The host still joked at the scene, saying that people who belong to the cow are all very handsome.

Andy Lau can be said to be a frequent visitor to the CCTV Spring Festival Gala. The song "Congratulations on Your Fortune" has become a must-play song in every household during the New Year. This time, "Cow Up" also incorporates "Congratulations on Your Fortune", which is bullish and happy.

Netizens also joked:

Although Andy Lau participated in the Spring Festival Gala through cloud recording this year, but because of the use of high-tech special effects, netizens said that Andy Lau seemed to be on the scene, too awesome.


There is no sense of conflict between three people on the same stage, the technology is great

AI+VR 裸眼 3D 演播室技术,为观众带来了一场沉浸式的视觉体验旅程。




2021 年春晚副总导演邹为则表示:它会融入 AR

The Spring Festival Gala has always been not only a literary feast, but also a grand gathering of technological innovation.

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