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A total of 5114 cases have been confirmed in NSW; 4 new cases have been added in Victoria, with a total of 20452 cases, Queensland has 1311 cases, and South Australia has a total of 601 cases.There were 904 cases in Western Australia.There are 118 cases in the Capital Territory, 98 cases in the Northern Territory, and 234 cases in Tasmania.

The number of deaths remained unchanged, 54 in NSW, 820 in Victoria, 6 in Queensland, 9 in Western Australia, 3 in the Capital Territory, 4 in South Australia, 13 in Tasmania, and zero in the Northern Territory.

Victoria: 3 new cases, 1 isolated hotel worker diagnosed

Victoria’s 28-day zero-new record was unfortunately broken. One worker who worked in the Australian Open quarantined hotel tested positive for the new crown, and two quarantined travelers were diagnosed.

The patient is a 1-year-old man who may have been infected by an overseas tennis player.

The Premier of Victoria (Daniel Andrews) said this morning that the worker’s two household contacts tested negative for the new crown.

In addition, the authorities have also contacted 20 of his 19 close contacts.

Victoria carried out 13,675 new crown tests yesterday, and there are currently 21 active cases across the state.

With the emergence of local infection cases, it is foreseeable that more Victorians will be tested today and will increase.

On Thursday morning, there was a long queue at the new crown detection points in Melbourne's southeast. Today, Melbourne will set up more detection points.

Victoria’s Deputy Chief Medical Officer Allen Cheng (transliteration) pointed out that it is not surprising that the man was infected by a positive case isolated in the hotel. Andrews also emphasized that there was no obvious violation of the regulations of the isolated hotel and that the man was a “model Staff".

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NSW began screening passengers arriving from Melbourne at Sydney Airport this morning. (Photo of Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

NSW: 18 days of local zero additions, investigation of Victorian immigrants

There have been no locally-infected cases of new crowns in NSW for 18 consecutive days, but three travelers who were isolated in hotels were confirmed.


Beginning this morning, the NSW Department of Health also began to investigate passengers arriving in Sydney by plane from Melbourne, and were asked whether they had been to the COVID-XNUMX exposure site.

Five people who had stayed in the quarantine hotel where the epidemic was spreading in Victoria were required to undergo a new crown test after arriving in Sydney, and were required to be quarantined for 5 days regardless of the test result.At the end of the quarantine period, it will be tested again.

Kunzhou: 24 days of local zero new additions, daily detection volume far exceeds the target

Today, there are no locally transmitted or imported cases of new crowns in Queensland, and there are currently no new cases in Japan at 24.

Yesterday, Queensland carried out a total of 8226 new crown tests, which is much higher than the target of 5000 tests per day.

There are currently 6 active cases in Queensland.

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