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As of the latest data as of Wednesday, February 2021, 2, only NSW in the country has added two new imported cases. The total number of confirmed new crown cases in Australia has risen to 3, and the number of deaths is still 28826.

There were 2 overseas imported cases in NSW, with a total of 5114 confirmed cases; Victoria had a total of 20450 cases, Queensland had 1311 cases, and South Australia had a total of 597 cases.There were 904 cases in Western Australia.There are 118 cases in the Capital Territory, 98 cases in the Northern Territory, and 234 cases in Tasmania.

The number of deaths remained unchanged, with 54 in NSW, 820 in Victoria, 6 in Queensland, 9 in Western Australia, 3 in the Capital Territory, 4 in South Australia, 13 in Tasmania, and zero in the Northern Territory.

NSW: No local cases for 17 consecutive days, 2 new imported cases

NSW Governor Gladys Berejiklian announced that NSW had no new cases of locally transmitted Covid-17 for 2 consecutive days, but two travelers who returned from overseas and were isolated in hotels tested positive for Covid-XNUMX.

As of 8 pm on Tuesday night, within 24 hours, the number of new crown tests in NSW finally exceeded 11,816, with XNUMX people being tested.

Berejiklian said that in view of the improvement of the current epidemic situation, cafes, restaurants and other hospitality establishments will soon be able to arrange more guests.

"If the situation continues like this, as long as nothing very unexpected happens, we will be able to resume the policy of 2 person per 1 square meters next Friday."

However, it is still mandatory to wear masks on all public transportation in NSW; in all public indoor spaces where there is no way to maintain social distance, the authorities also strongly recommend that people wear masks.

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Western Australia: Local zero new additions on the third day, expected to be released on Friday

After 12,326 COVID-3 tests were conducted on Tuesday, no new cases of COVID-3 were recorded.In the past three days, the total number of new crown tests in Western Australia has exceeded XNUMX.

Western Australia Governor Mark McGowan said this afternoon that if Western Australia continues to maintain zero local additions, the lockdown will end on Friday as scheduled, but certain restrictions will remain.

McGowan said: "Considering that we have conducted record-breaking tests, (zero new additions) is a very encouraging result, but we cannot take it lightly."

He also called on people in Western Australia, even if they have been tested for the new crown and the result is negative, if they develop symptoms, they should be tested again.

After the hotel security contracted the new crown case, the authorities continued to test his 189 close contacts and 234 casual contacts. Currently, 138 close contacts have tested negative for the new crown, and 116 casual contacts have tested negative. .

Victoria: Zero detection, no local cases for 28 consecutive days

Today is Victoria’s 28 consecutive days, that is, there have been no locally infected new crown cases for 4 weeks, and there have been no new overseas imported cases. Therefore, today is Victoria’s "Double Donut Day".

Victoria’s COVID-16,142 detection rate has always been the leader in Australia. A total of XNUMX COVID-XNUMX tests were conducted yesterday.

Queensland: Zero detection, no local cases for 23 consecutive days

Queensland conducted 24 COVID-6890 tests in 5785 hours yesterday, which is more than 1000 more than the XNUMX tests the day before. However, not only did there have been no new local cases, the results of COVID-XNUMX tests for travelers isolated in hotels were all negative.

Queensland has no locally transmitted cases of new crowns for 23 consecutive days, and there are still 7 active cases across the state.

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