Australia – As soon as the diagnosis was confirmed, this state “blocked” 10 places in Melbourne and required mandatory quarantine upon entry (Photos) | Australia Chinatown

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After a Melbourne hotel quarantine officer was diagnosed with the new crown, Western Australia had to press the pause button on its border control transition plan, and the Northern Territory announced 10 Melbourne new crown hotspots.


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(Image source: 7News)

据7News报道,昨天,在维州达成28天无社区感染后,西澳计划把该州设为最低风险水平。但当天晚些时候,一名在君悦酒店(Grand Hyatt Hotel)工作的男子被证实检测结果呈阳性,使该计划受到影响。

今天,西澳州长Mark McGowan在新闻发布会上说:“考虑到维州不断变化的形势,我们决定暂停与维州的边境管制过渡计划。原定‘维州今天午夜转为极低风险级别’现已被搁置,我们将在未来几天评估情况。”






p style=”text-align: center”> (Image source: Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

北领地政府宣布,下午3点3分开始,从墨尔本市、西墨尔本、Noble Park、Keysborough、Springvale、Brighton、Brandon Park、Clayton South、Heatherton以及Moorabbin抵达北领地的人将被强制隔离两周。


北领地首席厅长Michael Gunner说:“我们一直都很谨慎,因为这里是澳洲最安全的地方,我们希望保持下去。”

(Internship: Sasha)

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Latest: Sydney childcare center closed urgently and employees are being tested for suspected illness (photo)

Update: Doctor Huang has apologized | insisting on "Wuhan pneumonia", the Australian Chinese District Clinic was accused of offending!The front desk responded to reporters: "Isn't it? Get out!"

Rolling update: Morrison announces XNUMX billion subsidies to Australian stocks, the NSW government considers closing Bunnings

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