Australia – Just now, it was revealed that someone was stabbed in the largest Chinese district in Australia!The injured may be of Middle Eastern descent with a knife in the chest (video/photo) | Chinatown, Australia

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Someone was stabbed in Hurstville. Last Saturday, there was a shooting in the street which resulted in one death and one injury!

10:05pm update:

The information obtained exclusively by App reporters shows that the cause of the murder is currently unknown.

According to an insider who is inconvenient to reveal his identity, the injured may be of Middle Eastern descent and had been sent to hospital for rescue before the current round of this website update.

Just now, a suspected vicious incident occurred in the Chinese district of Sydney, and the road was blocked by the police.

App reporter received the news that at about 2:2 tonight (February 8), a person was stabbed on Gloucester Rd in Hurstville, Sydney.

The police arrived at the scene later and sealed off the block involved.

The murder information has been exclusively confirmed by the police immediately.

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Block the scene (Image source: App)

According to a passerby at the scene told reporters that some residents are now checking nearby.The police have set up a crime scene, and the specific case has not yet been made public.

Block the scene (Image source: App)

Some readers told Bennet that the building he lives in was also blocked, "I can't get out of my building."

At around 11 pm last Saturday, a shooting incident occurred near a parking lot in the district, resulting in 1 death and 1 injury (click to view the previous report>>).


p style=”text-align: left”>App will continue to follow the progress of this matter.

(Reporter Vivian)

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Gunshots were heard in the Sydney Chinese District late at night!Two men were shot in a Mercedes-Benz car, 1 dead and 1 injured, the gunman is still at large (video/photo)

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