Australia-Just a year later, someone can't wait to whitewash and tamper with history? ! | Australia Chinatown

Release your eyes, put on headphones, and listen~!
都说“历史是个任人打扮的小姑娘”。 即便如此,倘若真的要打扮起来,恐怕畏于社会公理与人间道义,大都心。。。

Even so, if you really want to dress up, I am afraid that most people are afraid of social justice and human morality, and only dare to act in secret.


Experience Gengzi, for many families, it is no longer a reunion year.One year ago, the city was trapped and there were too many people in Wuhan, which was the pain of the city.




As a media stationed in Wuhan, it hurts the feelings of compatriots and makes people angry.



In the past, each dynasty would write history books of previous dynasties to sing praises to themselves and whitewash the truth of history.But no matter how whitewashed, the truth will always be the truth and will not be obliterated by the torrent of history.

而如今新冠武汉之 痛,逝去一年而已,这一年的历史怎能被粉饰,怎能被遗忘,又怎可堂而皇之被篡改。



If we say that forgetting history means betrayal, then forgetting the historical tragedy that has passed only a year later will undoubtedly mean the next time.

The tragedy cannot be repeated!

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