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Surveillance cameras in front of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics logo.With multiple international human rights groups calling for a boycott of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, Canada is different. . .
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Security cameras in front of the 2022 Winter Olympics logo.

As many international human rights groups called for a boycott of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, 13 members of Parliament from different political parties in Canada signed an open letter on the 7th, urging the International Olympic Committee to face up to the Chinese authorities’ violations of human rights in Xinjiang and withdraw to Beijing 2022 The right to host the Winter Olympics.

An open letter signed and supported by 13 members of Congress warned: "If you attend the Beijing Winter Olympics in February next year, it is equivalent to participating in a sinister and self-expanding exhibition stand. It is tantamount to helping the Chinese government commit the worst crimes against humanity. The letter pointed out that some people may think that sports and politics should not be confused, "but when genocide occurs, it should no longer be regarded as a political issue, but a question of human rights and crimes against humanity. "

The letter agrees that boycotting the Winter Olympics is like punishing athletes and emphasizes that they do not want the athletes to give up pursuing their dreams. The co-signator believes that the International Olympic Committee still has time to transfer the Winter Olympics to another country.

Canadian Congressman Alexis Brunelle-Duceppe has repeatedly and publicly called for a boycott of the Beijing Olympics. (Twitter screenshot)

This joint action was organized by the Quebec Congress Member Du Xi (Alexis
Brunelle-Duceppe) was initiated and won the support of all five political parties in the Canadian Parliament.
Kwan) is also one of the signatories.In addition, Canadian sports, aboriginal groups and other ethnic groups have participated in the countersignature.

Last week 180 human rights organizations around the world called for a boycott of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics. Many political leaders and civil rights organizations in Canada participated in support. Guan Zhuozhong, chairman of Toronto's support for the Chinese Democratic Movement, was very pleased to see more members of Congress supporting the Beijing Winter Olympics. And make a sound. "I think there is always something to be done to counter China's retaliation and bullying. At least it gives the abused Chinese people feel some comfort and hope. China's actions are really unacceptable and they should not be allowed to use the Olympic platform. Make official publicity internationally."

The chairman of the Canadian Olympic Committee, David Shoemaker, believes that boycotting the Olympics is not a solution. (Canadian Olympic Committee website)

President of the Canadian Olympic Committee David Shoemaker
He opposes the boycott of the Olympics. He believes that boycotting the Olympics is not a solution, and may even endanger Michael Kovrig and Michael Spafer arrested by China.
Spavor). "Historical experience has proved that it is useless to boycott the Olympics. In those days, Canada and dozens of countries jointly protested against the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan and boycotted the Moscow Olympics, but this did not make the Soviet Union change anything. It only caused the athletes to suffer damage. I think political issues still depend To resolve it diplomatically, we do not want to use radical methods to make the situation of the two Canadians more difficult."

Canada has always been the winning team in the medal list of the Winter Olympics. Guan Zhuozhong believes that if Canada can stand up as a leader, it will have a critical influence on the IOC.

Last year, the International Human Rights Committee of the Canadian Parliament set the tone. The Chinese authorities' atrocities such as concentration camps, forced labor reforms, and forced sterilizations against Uighurs in Xinjiang have already met the definition of genocide.

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