Australia-Beijing three departments interviewed from the media big V: not to create panic when buying a house (photo) | Australia Chinatown

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"The property market in Beijing is now an open-book test. Don't ask any more, just one word: buy." "Now you can buy a house in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou." "In 2021, everything can be speculated." Please from the media. Note that remarks like this that hype the market and create panic cannot be arbitrarily said.The general public must also pay attention to rational treatment of such remarks and not blindly listen to them.

Three departments in Beijing interviewed from the media big V: not to create a panic when buying a house


During the interview, the three departments emphasized that self-media is not a place outside the law. Public account producers and operators should fulfill the user's main responsibility, and each operation subject should establish a sound content and account security review mechanism to strengthen content orientation, authenticity, and legality check.When publishing articles involving the real estate market, it is necessary to adhere to objective facts as the basis, and to achieve the "four must not": not to deviate from the positioning of "housing and not speculating"; not to exaggerate individual transaction cases or local regional price fluctuations to speculate on the market; Create panic when buying houses in various ways; no speculation on the direction or trend of regulatory policies.

In addition, the three departments stated that their respective media should conduct self-examination on recent articles related to the real estate market. If they do not meet the relevant regulations, they should be cleaned up and deleted in a timely manner; in future operations, they should strengthen the review of article information release, and should not induce or promote Various types of credit funds entered the real estate market in violation of regulations, and jointly created a good public opinion environment for the healthy and stable development of the real estate market.

On February 2, the Beijing Daily client also published a survey article, paying attention to the self-media advocating "jumping theory" to amplify the anxiety of buyers and stimulate the expectation of price increases in the real estate market.

In the next step, the relevant departments will also strictly supervise those who violate the positioning of "no real estate speculation", violations of the city’s real estate market regulation policies and measures, violations of relevant financial laws and regulations, and violations of the "Regulations on the Management of Internet User Public Account Information Services" , Relevant competent authorities will strictly investigate the main responsibilities of publishing platforms and We-media accounts in accordance with the law.

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