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Release your eyes, put on headphones, and listen~!

A year will be at the end of the night, and thousands of miles have not returned.

Thousands of years ago, on New Year's Eve, Dai Shulun, who was wandering in a foreign land, wrote the above verse. In the present, it will arouse more resonance.



Fortunately, the spring breeze will always blow from the north to the south, and the New Year will always come. We look forward to the return of spring and the renewal of Vientiane.

On February 2, Nie Jiaming, the security team leader of Beijing West Railway Station, was at work.



Even if you wear a mask and walk into Beijing West Railway Station, you will smell a different smell than before.The smell of instant noodles, perfume and sweat disappeared with the Spring Festival army in previous years.Now, the strong smell of disinfection water covers everything, whether you enter the station from the subway or the north-south square, this smell will always remind people who come to wear a mask.

Every 4 hours, the killing workers on duty will kill about 5.9 square meters of work area.They are wrapped in thick work clothes and carrying heavy watering cans, and the fine disinfection mist is evenly sprayed, as serious as they are on agricultural land.

As in previous years, Beijing West Railway Station was also decorated for the Spring Festival.Below the corridors inside and outside the station, 20 Chinese knots and 76 red lanterns have been hung up high. They are symmetrical and solemn.Inside the station, a "technological tree" with a height of nearly 5 meters and a huge canopy is particularly eye-catching. More than 500 full-screen leaves on it are scrolling and displaying images of delegation circles and cheering on. The colors are bright and warm.However, this net red tree seems to have lost the pamper of former travelers.Within ten minutes, only three people took a group photo.

On the afternoon of February 2, the "tree" in front of the lobby on the second floor of Beijing West Railway Station

This must be the coldest Spring Festival in West Railway Station. When it opened for operation in early 1996, it was one of the largest modern railway passenger stations in Asia. From design concepts to operation methods, it cannot avoid a theme, which is the Spring Festival travel year after year.In the past 30 years, China’s Spring Festival travel force has grown from 1 million to more than 30 billion in recent years, which is equivalent to moving the entire population of Africa, Europe, America, and Oceania once.

Once, in response to the Spring Festival travel season, the law enforcement team of the Xizhan Urban Management Bureau used at least 10 loudspeakers every year. Some team members once swallowed a whole golden throat treasure in one day.A staff member recalled that for the first Spring Festival travel after he graduated, he was too nervous, and the wicking tongs cracked the palm of his hand. He just bowed his head to check the ticket, and his neck could not turn when changing the guard.The number of self-service ticket machines is constantly increasing, and the number has been ranked 136.Although it is no longer necessary to use paper tickets, you can still see long queues during the Spring Festival travel season, and complaints on social media that the ticket machines are never enough.

Many things are different this year.

The army disappeared


Last year, the outbreak occurred after returning home during the Spring Festival. In the first half of the 15 days, 308.5 million passengers left Beijing from Beijing West Railway Station, which is equivalent to transporting a small and medium-sized county population from here every day.There are 745.6 million migrants in this super city. It can be said that a considerable number of people use West Railway Station as the starting point for returning home, and they have all seen the crowds during the Spring Festival.

Now, the horn broadcasts from time to time the number of canceled trains due to too few passengers, and it is repeated on the display screens everywhere.Although each waiting room has slogans on the seats, there are still vacant seats.Waiting room No. XNUMX near the entrance was closed by the staff.

On the afternoon of February 2th, passengers in front of the entrance gate on the north first floor of Beijing West Railway Station.

The 10 infrared thermometers distributed at each entrance are lit up 6 times a day on average.With the changes in epidemic prevention policies in various places, this number continues to decrease. January 1 is the first day of the Spring Festival. They even confirmed the body temperature of 28 people.

The caring waiting room on the second floor of the station is for passengers with limited mobility. The staff will use wheelchairs or stretchers to transport passengers directly to the platform.In the past, more than 200 people needed to be transported every day, and the shoulders, necks and arms of people pushing carts inevitably became sore.Now there are only single digits left for the delivery every day, and wheelchairs are idling at the door of the waiting room.

Zhang Jinping did not buy instant noodles this year. He was afraid that it would be unsafe to eat in the car.In the past, the owner of a small store had to prepare more than 200 boxes of instant noodles in the warehouse, mostly with the flavor of sauerkraut.The bosses are very confident that these goods will be sold out before the New Year's Eve, and during peak periods, an average of one box will be sold every two minutes.

But this year, in the boss's warehouse, not a box of goods was prepared.The instant noodles and the bagged Peking duck on the shelves have not been sold for half, and these two items are already the most popular items in the station.

The proprietress in the shop next door was chattering and complaining to the cleaning staff that the young man was impolite. Just now a girl came in and asked the way without saying thank you.In previous years, crowds rushing to check out would surround her, and she didn't think about it.The owner of the noodle shop sat in front of the door boringly soliciting customers. Sometimes people stopped. When looking around, she quickly added: "This year there are not many people", for fear that the customers will mistakenly think that the taste is bad.

Compared with indoors, the space outside the station is more quiet.Occasionally, you can hear the sirens on the road not far away, as well as the crash of the cleaners buckling the bucket on the garbage truck.

There is less garbage.The garbage trucks patrolling the square sometimes take a few hours to fill one.The cleaner still has to sweep across the door inch by inch with a broom, but the action of picking up cigarette butts into the dustpan is much less.

The luggage storage area on the North Square does not exceed four square meters.There is also a staff workbench and a security inspection machine inside, and the remaining space can be put on a luggage rack for storing things.In previous years, passengers were always told that the stock was full, but now half of the shelf is empty.The objects are piled up on the ground and can't be taken out. This year I won't see them.

Intercom for the staff.

The person who decided to go home

At two o'clock in the afternoon, Zhang Jinping was sitting alone in the underground passage of the South Square and drinking Erguotou. The departure time of the ticket was nine o'clock in the evening. He set off from Changping early in the morning as usual.Arrived too early, he couldn't get in for the time being, so he passed the time at his discretion.

Behind them are the homeless people who have slept in the passage for a long time. Some people sleep soundly wrapped in thick quilts, and pots and pans are placed beside them.Zhang Jinping sat without a chair and spread a newspaper on the ground.In the past few years, he occasionally took the evening car, sometimes early in the morning, but never thought of going to the hotel next to the station to sleep overnight, "it should be quite expensive."

In fact, many of the small underground hotels next to the West Station still have signs, but the front desk is closed.For a chain hotel, a double room only costs 150 yuan a night, which is less than half the price of previous years.Although the upper right corner of Dianping says "Tense Spring Festival", when you walk into the hotel, the front desk staff will sincerely say that it will not be full, and there have been no people lately.

Starting from Beijing West Railway Station and arriving at the county seat of Heze, Shandong Province in seven or eight hours, Zhang Jinping will be able to get home for another three yuan to take the bus.Two days ago, he had just gone to a nearby hospital for a nucleic acid test. He figured that there has been no case in the county for a long time, and he should not be isolated when he returns.But Zhang Jinping was also worried, not knowing when he would be back in the next year.

On the afternoon of February 2th, passengers waiting in the waiting room of Beijing West Railway Station.

In Beijing, he is willing to endure hardships and take short jobs everywhere.Many websites have day-to-day small workers, sometimes to the construction site, sometimes to the assembly line of the package express.After a month of hard work, I can get five or six thousand yuan.Zhang Jinping was shocked when he first came to Beijing. He felt that he was too late and wasted so much time to make money.He couldn't help but count with his fingers. He earned 3 more a month than in his hometown, and that year was more...

Going home this time, I probably earned less than one month. Don’t you feel sad?Zhang Jinping also counted, but the idea of ​​going home did not waver, that was what he had been looking forward to.In the past year, although he made money, he did have a hard time.This winter was extremely cold. When I was doing masonry work on the construction site, I felt my body was about to freeze. "It really feels like I'm a little bit older, and I can't make it anymore." During the night shift, he had a few times when it was difficult to control the sudden sleepiness, and he was often scolded.

Zhang Jinping is 63 years old and is considered very old among the workers. He is thin and thin, wrapped in a thick black cotton coat, wearing a Lei Feng hat, and white hair leaking from the brim of the hat.When he first came to Beijing, he was still confident about his physical fitness, but in the past two years, his leg joints have also started to hurt.

Zhang Jinping feels that he is different from the young people in Bei Piao, and his days in Beijing rarely have a "life" part.Every day I go to work and return to the small rental house to kill time with my mobile phone.From time to time, he forwarded the link to the WeChat group of the "family", and was sometimes criticized by the children for less "rumors", but he couldn't help it. This was his favorite thing to do when he was homesick.

After making money and bringing some toys back for his grandchildren, Zhang Jinping felt that he had hope in this city.In the snakeskin bag by the feet, in addition to clothes, there are some special products, and the Peppa Pig doll that I don't know when I bought it.

On the afternoon of February 2th, children waiting to go home at Beijing West Railway Station.

Unlike Zhang Jinping, Wu Min experienced repeated hesitation before arriving at the station.She does cleaning in a company, her husband also works in Beijing, and her 7-year-old daughter stays with her grandparents in her hometown in Henan.Wu Min has a regular clientele, and she cleans these young people who live in long-term rental apartments twice a month.

She bought a ticket to go home early, and her daughter always asked her mother when she would be back when she was videoing with her at night.The policy has changed little by little. At the beginning, it only asked civil servants to celebrate the New Year on the spot, and Wu Min let go of his heart.Later, the National Health Commission issued a policy for the prevention and control of the return home epidemic, and many areas began to ask for isolation when returning home, and she became panic again.


On the first day of February, Wu Min knocked on the customer's door again, she was a little embarrassed.The time between the two cleanings was too close, only one week.But she wanted to finish it earlier and go home earlier.If everything goes well, I will do two nucleic acid tests in my hometown, and when he returns to Beijing at the end of the month, Wu Min will be able to finish the other half of the month's work.

Continue to celebrate the new year at the station

As night fell, the flow of people in the West Station became less than in the day.But as long as there are passengers and trains, this huge system will continue to operate 24 hours a day.

On the afternoon of February 2, the staff on the platform of Beijing West Railway Station.

Nie Jiaming has not returned home during the Spring Festival for 9 years. This is the 10th year.He has been working in West Station since he was 18 and is now the captain of the security team.Every year on New Year's Eve, he spends with his teammates.

If you are lucky and are not on duty at night, everyone can eat dumplings and chat in the cafeteria together.The video of the people who have been scheduled and their family members will have to wait until after the shift the next day.At the 12306 service desk on the second floor of the station, Li Shuowen put on goggles and masks and started the night shift.Passengers who need complaints or consultations, including those who accidentally sit at the station or take the wrong ride, will come here.The question she gets asked the most every day is: "Which waiting room do I get on the bus?"

Even this year, Li Shuowen has to answer such questions thousands of times a day.Of course there were more in previous years. Looking at the unseen team, she said her mouth was dry.

In recent days, after eleven o'clock in the evening, there were basically no passengers at the service desk.However, Li Shuowen had to wear airtight protective equipment. He was on duty until XNUMX:XNUMX the next morning. Mobile phones could not be brought in, nor could he read books that were not related to work, let alone sleep, so he could only sit.Sometimes Li Shuowen also misses the busier times in the past, at least time passes faster.

The external consultation phone next to it is much hotter than in previous years.Although many people did not choose to go home in the end, they still have to ask. "Do I need to do nucleic acid? Will I be quarantined", calls are basically asking about this.

There are too many people consulting, and if you are unlucky, you may not be able to get in all day.Sometimes Li Shuowen picked up the phone, and the other party was angrily, "Are you deliberately not answering?"

The last time Li Shuowen had New Year's Eve dinner at home was five years ago.Coincidentally, her twin sister was also working on the railway system. Before, both of them were in the West Station. Because of the different schedules, they could get together for several days.This year, my sister went to the newly opened Beijing-Zhangjiakou high-speed railway to support, and they haven't seen each other for several months.The parents originally thought it might be possible to celebrate the New Year together this year. When they heard the same answers as in previous years, their parents felt a little depressed.

Speaking of New Year's Eve dinner, what Li Shuowen missed most was the fish made by his grandmother.I can’t eat anymore. When the time comes, I’ll have time to video with my family and see if I have a chance to meet my sister. This year is over.

On the circular passage outside the station, Didi driver Li Qiang is taking his only passenger from the West Railway Station these past two days to the entrance.He didn't have the feeling of the Spring Festival. When Li Qiang had a sports car for five years, when he had to go to the station at least five or six times a day, Li Qiang knew that the Spring Festival was coming.

On the afternoon of February 2th, a train will depart from West Station.

The departure time was getting closer. Zhang Jinping passed Nie Jiaming beside the security checkpoint at the entrance, passed through the 12306 service desk where Li Shuowen was, and walked into the waiting room.When the whistle sounded, his train slowly left Beijing and headed for Shandong.

On the railroad tracks near the platform, a train was slowly entering the station. It was another group of people who had arrived home.

(Zhang Jinping, Wu Min, and Li Qiang are pseudonyms)

Reprint Statement: This article is reprinted and published, which only represents the attitude of the original author or the original platform, and does not represent our views.Only an information publishing platform is provided, and the article may be appropriately deleted.Contact the original author who has objections and requests for deletion.

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