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The U.S. Senate opened a trial against former U.S. President Trump for "sedition" on Tuesday, but Trump's lawyers on Monday asked the senator to stop it immediately. . .

The US Senate opened a trial against former US President Trump for "sedition" on Tuesday, but Trump's lawyers on Monday asked the senator to immediately stop this "unconstitutional" trial.This trial is believed by many media that the final result is likely to be the same as the first impeachment, to excuse Trump, but it will further damage his image.

After Trump’s lawyers demanded that Trump’s trial be stopped immediately in the name of unconstitutionality, the Democratic congressman serving as the prosecutor refuted Trump’s request as “meaningless”.He also said that this was Trump's trick to get rid of the responsibility for the congressional shock incident on January 1.

On the eve of the opening of the Senate, the Democrats and Trump contested the documents they submitted to the Senate. Trump’s lawyers seemed determined to fight on the controversial judicial level. They believed that after bidding farewell to power, Trump could no longer The trial was conducted under the impeachment framework of the deposed president, and they accused the Democratic Party of acting as "ridiculous."They demanded that the lawsuit be closed immediately, if "continued acting will put American democracy in danger."

However, Democratic prosecutors led by Democrat Ruskin in the House of Representatives quickly rejected this request. They accused Trump of “lack of effective defense ineffectiveness” and said that they are not limited to judicial disputes. They accused Trump of doing "The greatest damage to the Constitution that no US President has ever done."

The two camps will face each other on Tuesday, but the outcome of the trial is generally accepted as not unexpected.The U.S. Constitution stipulates that only two-thirds of the senators, that is, 67 senators, can convict the president. There are 100 members of the Senate, and 45 Republicans have stated that they do not think that the Senate will try "an ordinary citizen." "In accordance with the U.S. Constitution.

A year ago, the U.S. Senate had exonerated Trump in the "Ukraine Gate" impeachment case. This time, six days before Trump's presidency expired, the House of Representatives accused Trump of accreditation that Biden won the presidential election in the Senate. "Sedition".

Republican Senator Paul accused this of being like a "masquerade" and "there is absolutely no possibility of condemning Trump." Another Republican congressman Graham echoed, "The only question is how many witnesses they will call. Man, how long is the interrogation time?"

Both parties in the United States seem to agree to close the case quickly. The Republican Party does not want to dwell too much on embarrassing details. The Democratic Party hopes to satisfy Biden's desire to pass his appointed cabinet members and economic plan as soon as possible.

President Biden, who claims to allow the United States to reconcile, has always avoided speaking about the impeachment of Trump, only saying: "Let the Senate do this." His spokesperson said that Biden would not spend a lot of time watching the Senate trial, or even not at all. Go see.

The Senate interrogation process will be broadcast live across the United States, and Democratic prosecutors will try to highlight how serious and violent the attack on Capitol Hill is by displaying numerous video images.

Trump still has solid support at the grassroots of the Republican Party, but the attack on Capitol Hill has eroded his approval rating.According to IPSOS-ABC
According to a poll released by News on Sunday, XNUMX% of people believe that the former president should be convicted and banned from re-election, but XNUMX% of Republicans hold the opposite opinion.

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