Australia-Taichung Explosive Shooting: Suspected failure to negotiate a basketball court triggered a big fight, 4 people were injured, 1 of them was in danger-Australia Chinatown-Australia News Portal

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Taiwan’s “Zhongshi News Network” just reported that a basketball court built by a metal house on Zhongshan 1th Road, Daya District, Taichung City was suspected of a shooting incident at 7 pm on the 4st, causing 1 people to be injured, one of whom was unconscious and was currently sent Go to the hospital for treatment.The scene is being investigated by the police.
                        台湾“中时新闻网”刚刚消息,台中市大雅区中山十一路一处铁皮屋搭建的篮球场1日晚间7时疑发生枪击事件,造成4人受伤,其中1人意识模糊,目前被送往医院治疗。现场正由警方调查处理。</p><p style="text-align: center"><img src="" title="ab66c60932ac1f6e62636776c5284446.jpg" alt="ab66c60932ac1f6e62636776c5284446.jpg" />



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