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Release your eyes, put on headphones, and listen~!
In a family-friendly atmosphere, the annual Spring Festival red envelope war kicked off vigorously.This year is the eighth year of the red envelope war, since. . .

This year is the eighth year of the Red Packet War. Since 2014, the WeChat Red Packet has become famous.
"The Alipay was caught off guard. In the following years, more and more Internet giants began to join the melee, the gameplay continued to upgrade, and the amount of red envelopes was also increasing.

A few years ago, the red envelope stage of the Spring Festival Gala gathered the BAT Big Three, and they retired on WeChat, and Alipay became a national with Wufu
After trying IP and Baidu, the current Chinese New Year red envelope battlefield is more of a new generation of big traffic users such as Pinduoduo, Douyin, and Kuaishou.

It can be said that since the Spring Festival in 2014, the red envelope battlefield of the Spring Festival file has witnessed the change of China's Internet landscape.

From the point of view of netizens, although red envelopes are a "windfall", many people are not very satisfied with the results due to the time and effort.

According to media reports, Niconico, a Japanese barrage website, broadcasted the Spring Festival Gala.
Japanese netizens are very envious of the billion red envelopes.However, many Chinese netizens who really participated in it felt "lack of luck".
The red envelopes cost only XNUMX yuan a night; many users get a few yuan.

Chinese New Year Red Packet War: What are they fighting for?

According to incomplete statistics from NetEase Technology, the red envelope war in 2021 will give a total of more than 28 billion money, of which Pinduoduo will be divided into 22 billion, Baidu will be divided into 21 billion, and Kuaishou will be divided into XNUMX
Billion, ByteDance has given away a total of 40 billion, and its Douyin has issued 20 billion red envelopes, today’s top picture is 10 billion, and tomato novels are 10
In addition, companies such as, Taobao, Weibo, and Xiaohongshu are not to be outdone, and red envelope entries have appeared on the application homepage.

Compared with the "upstarts" in these red envelope battles, this year's WeChat and Alipay look a bit Buddhist.Alipay continues to collect five blessings and share 5
XNUMX million cash red envelopes, but WeChat did not issue red envelopes, and started the red envelope cover business.

With the gradual disappearance of Internet dividends, companies generally face a "traffic anxiety period"
At that time, the significance of the Spring Festival red envelopes to Internet companies is self-evident.A Kuaishou employee who participated in the Spring Festival Gala red envelope project in the past year said,"
The first is to expand the important channels for new traffic, which can quickly activate and attract new users; the second is to promote and enhance the brand image of the platform; the third is to help enterprises complete the closed-loop consumption /
Increase payment market share. "

With the help of the Spring Festival Gala red envelopes, Kuaishou completed a KPI of DAU to 2020 million in 3. In 2019, Baidu's daily activity rose from 1.6 million to 3
Billion.During this period, not only the main APP that cooperated has benefited, it also concentrated its business with the "family bucket" under the spotlight.The power of red envelopes is self-evident.

"In fact, behind the red envelope war, every family has a small abacus. In the case of Douyin Kuaishou, in addition to breaking the circle and refreshing the new year, the red envelopes issued during the Spring Festival can also suppress competitors."
The aforementioned employees said.

Just like after Douyin announced that it had become an interactive partner for the Spring Festival Gala, Kuaishou also announced that it had reached cooperation with 10 provincial satellite TVs for the Spring Festival Gala.
After 21 million red envelopes, Kuaishou announced that it would be divided into 1 billion. Netizens joked that Kuaishou had "only XNUMX million more than Douyin."

What do you want to achieve in the cooperation between Douyin and the Spring Festival Gala?

Pinduoduo's exit, the exclusive partner of the 2021 Spring Festival Gala Red Envelope finally lost Douyin.

"In the short-term, the real goal may be to achieve closed-loop payment and social precipitation in the long-term."
The aforementioned Kuaishou employees believe that with the huge traffic of the Spring Festival Gala, Douyin can guide more users to take videos, establish acquaintance relationships and interact on Douyin.

And Zhang Nan said in a recent external speech that social networking is a very important product direction for Douyin.Douyin revealed that as of now, there are already 7500
Ten thousand people took a New Year's greeting video on Douyin, and 1800 million people participated in a team of friends to receive red envelopes.

In the red envelope gameplay announced by Douyin, pulling friends to grab red envelopes and taking videos to receive red envelopes have very strong social attributes. Earlier, some netizens discovered that the Douyin App
Two important updates have been made to the chat interface of. They are the addition of the red envelope function in the friend chat interface and the addition of the group red envelope function in the group chat interface.

In addition, since 2020, Douyin has made frequent actions in the social field.According to many media reports, Douyin launched the "Friends" tag, and users can pass the "Friends"
The function sends a variety of daily dynamics such as text, pictures and videos, and the overall function is like the Douyin version of Moments.At the same time, Douyin also began testing "connection" and voice matching functions.

"For Douyin, this is just the beginning of socializing efforts." According to a Douyin insider, Douyin will start from 2020.
At the beginning of the year, I began to attach importance to social interaction. The background was that DAU broke 6 million soon after the WeChat video account was launched. Six months later, the WeChat video account exceeded 2 million daily. According to 9
In May, Founder Securities estimated that the peak daily activity of video numbers had reached 3.5 million.To reach this number, it took 3 years for Douyin and 8 years for Kuaishou.

The rise of the WeChat video account makes Douyin Kuaishou have to pay attention, and Douyin's efforts to socialize also make WeChat have to defend.According to Douyin, WeChat users’ sharing information about red envelope activities posted on WeChat will be directly blocked, and some WeChat users have reported that the shared information can be viewed and cannot be copied and saved, and cannot be forwarded.

"The killing of the Three Kingdoms in the short video field will continue for a long time." The above-mentioned person said.

Ten billion red envelopes are issued. How much did you divide?

"The number of red envelopes is getting bigger and bigger, and the rules are getting more and more complicated, but I grab fewer and fewer red envelopes every year." Li Lei started to grab red envelopes and collect five blessings in 2016.

"As soon as 8 o'clock, I don't have enough hands." In order to grab the red envelope, Li Lei made a special table, which clearly marked the time when each APP issued the red envelope. "
I only grabbed twenty-seven when I got down one night. "

On various platforms, there is no shortage of complaints like Li Lei.

Some netizens shouted,"
For major platforms, in the future, if a single red envelope is less than one yuan, please don't come out for activities.People's living standards have improved to this, and it is because you have a little bit of your money for the new year. Others will think that our economic myth is made up. "

Take Alipay’s Five Fortunes as an example. According to media calculations, according to the calculations of the number of people who have collected the Five Fortunes over the years and the bonus pool announced by Alipay, in 2016, the average score per person was 271.66.
In 2017, the average per capita was less than 1.2 yuan; in 2018, the average per capita was less than 2 yuan; in 2019 and 2020, the average per capita was less than 1.6

How many red envelopes did you grab this year?

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Tucao for grabbing red envelopes during the Spring Festival: tens of billions of large projects, a half-and-half dividend

Chinanews client, Beijing, February 2th (Reporter Wu Tao) "The red envelope is so big, I want to try it."

Internet companies issuing red envelopes during the Spring Festival have become "New Year's custom". Alipay has 5 million points for five blessings, 10 billion points for Toutiao, 20 billion points for Douyin and 21 points for Kuaishou.
22 million, Baidu divided 28 billion, Pinduoduo divided 100 billion... Just a few Internet "big factories" issued red envelopes over XNUMX billion yuan during the Spring Festival. How much did you grab?

Grab a piece of money, some can’t withdraw

"I won 0.16 yuan"," I divided 1.58 yuan"," I robbed 0.08 yuan, which is lower than a new height","
I grabbed more than three yuan and made me proud to go and have a look. What's so proud of? "" I accidentally participated in a large project of tens of billions, and finally divided a piece of five. "

Some red envelopes are counted as "points".Photo courtesy of netizens

"I grabbed a coupon, and you get 299 yuan off if you spend 15 yuan. Isn't it the usual discount?"
Snatching red envelopes is worth hundreds of millions, but it is like breaking an egg into the Yangtze River and asking people all over the country to drink egg drop soup. "For example, if you collect five blessings of 5 million yuan, there are more than 3
A hundred million people gathered together, so that the average person is divided into more than 1 yuan.

Some netizens commented.Screenshot of a social platform

In addition, these money cannot be withdrawn if you want to withdraw it. Many platforms stipulate that you cannot withdraw below 1 yuan. "But I only grabbed 0.16 yuan, which is tantamount to grabbing loneliness?"
I only participate in the Wufu collection every year, because the money goes directly to Alipay, even 1 point is considered safe. "

Netizens robbed the red envelope record and grabbed more than 4 yuan in total.Photo courtesy of netizens

Many of the money in the red envelopes must be withdrawn within a limited time, and expired.Many netizens don’t withdraw cash because of the trouble, or the red envelopes are too small to be taken out. Therefore, this kind of rash claims to send hundreds of millions or billions of red envelopes, and how much money is actually sent, I am afraid that only the company itself clear.

The red envelope is too small to withdraw cash.Photo courtesy of netizens

"Come in, sing, answer questions", you can't grab a red envelope without talent

Although there are few points, but "Others grab red envelopes for fun, I really need this money for the New Year"
After all, the number of people is a minority, and the battle for red envelopes has been stretched this year.It turned out that the lottery was drawn after New Year's Eve, but this year some red envelope activities lasted until the sixth day of the new year.

For example, some platforms have released red envelopes, and red envelopes support video for the first time.Users can create online homes, record video and send red envelopes, invite relatives and friends to receive them, deliver New Year blessings, or visit other homes to ask for red envelopes.

K song red envelope.Netizens provide pictures

There are also team red envelopes, answer red envelopes, K song red envelopes and so on.By K
Take the song red envelope as an example. You need to sing when you grab the red envelope.Some analysts pointed out that, for Internet companies, these can avoid the over-homogenization of concentrated competition during the Spring Festival, and increase the interactivity and interest.

It is worth noting that when Internet giants are "spending money" frantically, WeChat, the "originator" of red envelopes, has taken a different approach. Going farther and farther on the cover of red envelopes, everything is available.
"Sell skin", red envelopes are no exception.

Unlike last year, this year's WeChat red envelope cover is conditionally open to individuals, and the price is also reduced to 1 yuan/piece. 2020
In 10, the red envelope cover was only customized for enterprises and some institutions, the price was 100 yuan/piece, and the minimum order was XNUMX pieces.

WeChat emoji rain during the Spring Festival, there is a chance that a blind box containing the cover of the WeChat 10000th anniversary red envelope will appear, limited to XNUMX copies.Users who are drawn can leave a message in the background of "WeChat Pie" until
At 2:12 noon on February 12th, the 00 users who left the earliest messages have a chance to get an exclusive red envelope of 20 yuan (really red envelope, not red envelope cover)

"Co-authored WeChat to send more than 1000 yuan to get red envelopes done? I wonder what other Internet companies that have issued billions of dollars think after reading it?" Some netizens said,"
Is the person who collects the cover of the red envelope the same as the original person who collects the face card? "

Data map.Photo by Chinanews reporter Li Jinlei

Grab red envelopes and cash out pay attention to these things

This Spring Festival, you must pay attention to safety when grabbing red envelopes in WeChat groups."
Dynamic emoticons were added to WeChat. The screen was full of firecrackers and bombs, and my brain was buzzing. I was really afraid of which group would suddenly send a fake red envelope. "
It can be said that the safety of flicker and red envelopes must be kept in mind at all times.

Meng Huixin, an analyst at the Legal Rights Department of the E-commerce Research Center of the Net Economics, said that there are many ways to play red envelopes. When playing red envelopes, users should pay attention to the source of red envelopes. The main reason is that red envelopes with Trojan horse programs are more technical and concealed. Surprisingly, such as red envelopes and AA that need to enter payee information
, Red envelopes for passwords, red envelopes for sharing links, etc.

Pay attention to safety when withdrawing red envelopes.It is understood that many accounts are currently bound to sensitive information such as the user's personal real name, mobile phone number, bank card, and so on. Even new users need to enter this information when withdrawing red envelopes.

I would like to remind you that when you withdraw red envelopes on some non-well-known platforms, do not be greedy for small gains and suffer big losses, and do not enter some sensitive personal information such as your name, bank card, phone number, etc., to prevent being deceived.

Meng Huixin said that in addition to users being vigilant, the platform must take measures to protect data and information when engaging in red envelope activities during the Spring Festival to avoid leakage of user information.

[Thank you Pinduoduo for the great harvest of Douyin red envelopes]

Hit the net

When the battle for traffic was so fierce, Douyin won the opportunity to cooperate with the Spring Festival Gala.Douyin should be grateful to Pinduoduo for "giving way".The timing was too timely.

The significance of the Spring Festival Gala red envelopes for Internet companies is self-evident: one is to activate and recruit new users; the second is to cultivate users' red envelope usage habits; the third is to extend from the use of red envelopes to the payment habits of the platform to help complete the closed loop of consumption
/ Increase payment market share.

The red envelope first appeared in the Spring Festival Gala, it was the WeChat red envelope in 2015.According to later reports, the total amount of red packets sent and received throughout the day on New Year’s Eve reached 10.1
2 million times, in those two days, WeChat bound XNUMX million personal bank cards.WeChat Pay, which became popular overnight, quickly followed Alipay. It is said that Jack Ma said that this red envelope activity "sneaked Pearl Harbor."
—— Alipay has been pioneering mobile payment for 8 years.

Since then, in order to compete for the opportunity to cooperate with the Spring Festival Gala, Internet companies are willing to spend money.In the past five years, the companies that have cooperated with the Spring Festival Gala red envelopes are: Alipay, Taobao, Baidu,.They increase the user scale by issuing red envelopes interactively, such as
In 2019, Baidu's daily activity rushed from 1.6 million to 3 million. In 2020, Kuaishou completed a KPI of DAU to 3 million.During this period, not only the main app of cooperation
Revenue, it also carries the "family bucket" business concentrated in this spotlight: to get more red envelopes, download my other APP first.

This year’s Spring Festival Gala, Douyin’s turn is in the spotlight: Fat 20
Yihongbao (rich), online Douyin payment, and opening up the consumption scene of e-commerce-not e-commerce diversion channels.Specifically, Douyin will issue red envelope rain through the pre-collection card and during the Spring Festival Gala 12
XNUMX million, the rest is a random lottery for shooting New Year's greetings video and movie welfare.The game process of Chika covers the diversion of platform video content, as well as the diversion interaction with other brother apps such as Watermelon and Tomato Video, downloading, and increasing the open rate.

"Showing muscles" through the Spring Festival Gala red envelope cooperation is very timely and very important for Douyin.Why do you say that? I think there are three reasons.

One is that Douyin's self-built e-commerce is a critical time.

ByteDance acquired Wuhan Hezhong Yibao Technology, which has a payment license, last year, and launched Douyin Payment one month before the Spring Festival.Daily life has reached 6
The billion-dollar Douyin now has a natural consumption scene. Since its sales in 2017, hundreds of millions of users shop on it every day.According to "Latepost" report, 2020
Douyin brings 5000 billion yuan in goods a year.For comparison, Taobao live broadcast is 4000 billion yuan, and Kuaishou is 11 in the first 3327 months.
XNUMX million yuan.Douyin is currently the largest live streaming platform.

However, of the 5000 billion that Douyin sells, more than 3000 billion is used to divert other e-commerce platforms.In order to become a true e-commerce platform, October 2020
Starting this month, Douyin will no longer allow product links from third-party platforms to enter the live broadcast of Douyin Masters.Basically, every Douyin expert has opened a Douyin store.And e-commerce is Byte Beat 2021
One of the most important tasks of the year.

Tik Tok’s red envelope at the Spring Festival Gala is a legitimate opportunity to open up the consumption scene and direct its traffic to payment, e-commerce and even financial services. At present, Tik Tok has a full pool of——
6 million daily active users-the bonus.

The second is that the field of short video has reached a white-hot stage, and Douyin needs to refresh and activate the original ecology.

One of the biggest recent stimuli in the short video field is the WeChat video account. 1
In September, the WeChat video account was fully updated. WeChat live broadcast was connected with the e-commerce of mini programs, live broadcast sales peers, live rewards went online, and added WeChat chat, official account, circle of friends, etc. 9
Each entrance, public domain traffic and private domain traffic are interoperable.

"Father of WeChat"
Zhang Xiaolong said in this year's public class that at least the next ten years will be a bonus period for video content, and WeChat is also considering making video content including live broadcasts a personal business card.The last personal business card was the official account, which has changed the way we read.Many people therefore think that the WeChat video account will be new
"Official account" has become a new way of reading and experiencing in the future.

Basically, every update of the WeChat video account will impact and affect Douyin and Kuaishou.WeChat video account has natural advantages, it was born in WeChat-this has 12
The application of 9 million active users is also longer than WeChat.In just 3.5 months, the WeChat video account reached 2020 million monthly livelihoods. In June 6, the official WeChat account said that the video account broke through every day 2
According to the calculation of Founder Securities in September, the peak daily active video number was 9 million.It took 3.5 years for Douyin to achieve this result, and 3 years for Kuaishou.

At the time of traffic anxiety, where is there a huge user pool?.

The traffic of the Spring Festival Gala may be the only one that can be compared with WeChat Daily Live: the total number of viewers of the Spring Festival Gala in 2020 is 12.32 billion.And 2020
The most frequently repeated oral broadcast by the host of the Spring Festival Gala was "Get on the fast hand, receive the red envelopes"-a straightforward user download guide, and fast hand completed the KPI of 3 million daily activities.

This year it is Douyin's turn. For this reason, it has paid more money than its partners in the Spring Festival Gala in previous years.It needs more users and more traffic to steadily occupy the first place in the short video field to fight Internet companies including Tencent, Alibaba, and Pinduoduo, and seize the social, e-commerce, and gaming markets from them. Share.

The third reason is another recent change in the short video field: Kuaishou goes public.The stimulus of the capital market has also highlighted the importance of Douyin's “muscle” show in the Spring Festival Gala.

On the first Friday of February 2021, Kuaishou was listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and became the first stock in the short video.Its opening share price rose by 2% and its market capitalization reached 194
XNUMX million U.S. dollars, once surpassed Jingdong and Xiaomi to rank among the top five Internet companies.Kuaishou's performance in the capital market also makes investors begin to imagine the possibility of more users and a larger daily TikTok listing.last year
In October, Kuaishou disclosed the IPO
Three days after the plan, ByteDance also announced that it was considering listing such businesses as Douyin, Toutiao, and Watermelon Video, but finally did not determine a specific time to market.

Right now is the best window period for new economy companies to go public. 2018
After the reform of the Hong Kong stock market last year, a large number of new economies struck, and many star companies such as Alibaba,, NetEase, New Oriental, Yum and others listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange for the second time.These companies have obtained large-scale financing and value recognition in the market on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.The secondary listing superimposed on the new economic companies struck, and the current Hong Kong Stock Exchange ushered in a bright moment: 2020
The total amount of IPO funds raised in XNUMX hit a XNUMX-year high.More and more Chinese companies choose Hong Kong Stock Exchange, Baidu, Ctrip, B
Stations and others will queue up for a second listing after the Spring Festival; it is rumored that new economic companies such as Didi, Heycha, and Naixue's tea will also choose Hong Kong stocks to list.

Among all the new economy companies, Douyin, which was split from Bytedance and listed independently, is undoubtedly the most popular.Enlarging one's own scale effect through the Spring Festival Gala is also a testament to the capital market.

Logically, the three reasons mentioned above are also appropriate for Pinduoduo.Originally, this was also an opportunity for Pinduoduo. It held back a whole year for the big move of the Spring Festival Gala: it got the payment license in January; 1
The month and the Spring Festival Gala reached a red envelope interactive cooperation; in December, Duoduo Wallet was launched, and finally the red envelope will be displayed at the Spring Festival Gala to open up the consumption scene.But due to recent negatives, less than a month after the Spring Festival Gala,"
Give way" Douyin.

ByteDance does not have high-profile and large-scale community group purchases, and 2020
When giant companies such as Pinduoduo, Meituan, Didi,, Tencent, and Alibaba turned to the community buying group to fight each other, Bytedance was stable and focused on e-commerce, social networking and education.This also allows Douyin to catch the Spring Festival Gala red envelope cooperation so quickly, and there are not many companies that can afford the Spring Festival Gala red envelopes—data, technology, and other infrastructures are sufficiently strong, as well as rich.

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