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In 2017, an interstellar object named "Scout" quickly passed the solar system. American astronomer Rob argued that it belongs to alien technology.The picture shows "Rebuke...
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In 2017, an interstellar object named "Scout" quickly passed the solar system. American astronomer Rob argued that it belongs to alien technology.The picture shows the "scout" imagination. (Picture taken from Wikimedia Commons; author ESO/M.
Kornmesser, CC BY-SA 4.0)

(Central News Agency, Washington, 6th Comprehensive Foreign Telegraph Report) The discovery of extraterrestrial intelligent life will undoubtedly be the most disruptive event in human history, but what if the scientific community decides to collectively ignore the evidence that extraterrestrial civilization has already visited?

Agence France-Presse reported that the top American astronomer Rob (Avi
Loeb) The new book puts forward the above hypothesis. In 2017, an interstellar celestial body quickly passed through the solar system. Rob argued that this celestial body has highly unusual features. The simplest and best explanation is that it belongs to alien technology.

Sound crazy?Rob said that although the evidence is in sight, colleagues in the scientific community are immersed in collective thinking and do not want to think about "Occam's Razor"
razor) principle"-that is, the fewer assumptions the theory uses, the more likely it is to approach the truth.

Rob is the longest-term dean of the Department of Astronomy at Harvard University. He has published hundreds of groundbreaking papers. He also worked with the late physicist Stephen Hawking (Stephen Hawking).
Hawking) and other giants cooperate, so Rob's statement is difficult to be shot directly.

Rob told AFP in the video: "It would be too arrogant to think that we are unique, special, and honorable. The right way should be to be humble and admit that we are not special at all. There are many other civilizations outside. We only They need to be found."

The 58-year-old Rob wrote in his new book "Extraterrestrial: The First Sign of Intelligent Life Beyond Earth" (Extraterrestrial: The First Sign of
Intelligent Life Beyond
Earth, tentative translation) explained the argument that the celestial body named "Oumuamua" (Hawaiian) in 2017 came from an alien.

In October 2017, astronomers observed an object moving at a high speed. The only possibility that it came from another planet was the speed; this was also the first recorded interstellar intruder.

The appearance of "Scout" is not like ordinary rocks, because under normal circumstances, under the gravitational force of the sun, objects will accelerate sharply and be thrown out of the other side when they are close to the sun, and their speed will gradually decrease after passing the sun.But the "scout" showed signs of acceleration when it passed the sun. Obviously, in addition to being affected by the sun's gravity, it also has some kind of thrust.

If this is a comet that releases gas and debris, it is not difficult to explain, but the strange thing is that the "scout" has no visible evidence such as comet tail.

The "Scout" also crossed the sky in a strange way. Scientists observed the changes of the "Scout" from the binoculars, and were also observed to be unusually bright, which may mean that it is made of shiny metal.

To provide explanations for many anomalies, astronomers have come up with some novel theories. For example, the "scout" is composed of hydrogen ice, so there will be no visible tails, or the tails have broken down into dust clouds.

Rob said: "These interpretations of the unique characteristics of the scout involve some unheard of claims. Since it's better to control the silk, why not consider it to be artificial from the beginning?"

Rob said that during his short stay in the solar system, the "scout" had never been photographed at close range. "It was only when it was about to leave the solar system that we discovered its existence."

There are two observations about the shape of the "scout", one is as long as a cigar, and the other is oblate like a muffin, but as thin as a blade.Rob leans towards the latter after the analogy, and believes that it is a light sail designed to use stellar radiation as its power.

Rob's "scout" is an alien civilization's high-tech term, making him an "alien" among his peers.Astrophysicist Ethan
Siegel was known as a "scientist who was once respectable" at the time of writing, and he obviously disagrees with Rob.But Rob believes that academia has always had a "tradition of bullying" for those who question orthodoxy, just as Galileo was punished when Galileo suggested that the earth is not the center of the universe, but the truth is ultimately fair.

He also believes that the discovery of extraterrestrial intelligent life can also make people "feel like being in the same boat" in the face of various threats from climate change to nuclear conflict.

"It's like countries often confront each other, and then maybe they will try to cooperate." (Translator: Li Peishan/Verified Draft: Chen Yiwei)

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