Australia-can't go back!The rework rate of Melbourne CBD office workers is only 3%! -Australia Chinatown

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In the past month, less than a third of Melbourne office workers returned to the office.Most people are reluctant to go back because they are not ready to give up the flexibility of working from home.

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The WeChat public account quoted the Times as reporting that less than a third of Melbourne office workers returned to the office in the past month.Most people are reluctant to go back because they are not ready to give up the flexibility of working from home.

Under Victoria’s current restrictions, up to 50% of private sector employees and 25% of civil servants can be allowed to return to the office.

The Australian Property Commission surveyed 125 employees in the commercial office. The results showed that in January, 1% of the staff worked in the office, higher than the historical low of 31% in October and 10% in December.

According to the committee’s survey results, 35% of the interviewees said that employees found that working from home can bring greater flexibility is the main reason for reluctance to return to the office. In contrast, fewer people mentioned concerns about workplace safety .

Last Tuesday (2nd), the Andrews government accelerated the plan to allow up to 75% of workers to return to the office, but after a positive case of COVID-19 was found among the hotel quarantine staff, the policy came to a halt the next day.

According to the recommendations of health officials, the government has resumed the requirement to wear masks indoors (including offices).

The CEO of the Victorian Federation of Industry and Commerce Paul Guerra said that the requirement to wear a mask internally will have a great deterrent effect on those who wish to return to work in the office.

In another survey conducted in July, 7% of respondents admitted that they were worried about the safety of public transportation.

By January, this rate had fallen to 21%.

In the latest survey, the Property Committee asked employees their positions on changing work habits. 15% of the respondents mentioned workplace safety issues, and another 20% mentioned government public health restrictions and lockdowns.

The Victorian Executive Director of the Property Committee Danni Hunter (Danni Hunter) said she hopes that more people will be able to return to the office after the school holidays.

She said: "The state government has relaxed restrictions on the number of people returning to the workplace, and more and more Victorians are returning to work in the office. When public health advice is needed, expanded rework has been suspended, but it is reasonable. This makes Victorian Of office workers can return to the workplace with confidence."

It is reported that the rework rate in Sydney's office reached 45% in January, and 80% of Hobart and Darwin have returned to work in the office.


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