Australia – On-the-job training? Ready to take over? He Jinli will have lunch with Secretary of State Brin | Australia Chinatown

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U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris and Secretary of State Antony Blinken earlier. . .
            美国副总统贺锦丽(Kamala Harris)稍早与国务卿布林肯(Antony

Blinken) has lunch for the first time since taking office.We will also have lunch regularly in the future.CNN reported that He Jinli's move was to become familiar with foreign affairs in order to compete for the presidency in the future.

CNN reported that the vice president of the United States has a tradition of working closely with the secretary of state.Joe Biden
When Biden was the vice president, he often invited the then Secretary of State Hillary (Hillary
Clinton) for lunch.Of course, what role the vice president can play depends on the president's ideas and arrangements.White House sources pointed out that Biden trusts He Jinli and Blincol, and hopes they can establish a good relationship.

CNN reported that He Jinli hopes to make achievements in the role of vice president.Having lunch with the Secretary of State is nothing more than her on-the-job training, which will help her to succeed in the presidency in the future.

In order to help herself learn to master foreign affairs, He Jinli also selected a professional diplomat to lead her national security team.Her national security adviser, McEl Donnie (Nancy
McEldowney) is a veteran of the State Department and has served in the diplomatic service for more than 30 years.Former State Department official Melanne Verveer pointed out that
McEl Downey's diplomatic experience will greatly help He Jinli.

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