Australia-The Melbourne Gold Store staff directed the gold robbery and complained about the boss's lousy! -Australia Chinatown

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近日,37岁的男子Daniel Ede被墨尔本地方法院判处暴力盗窃罪成立!而在他背后则牵扯着一桩涉案金额超过300万元的黄金盗窃案!



If the investigation continues in this direction, the police will soon have a breakthrough!


At the time of the incident, the accomplice pretended to rob with a gun, but in fact the gun was not loaded at all.

After pretending to be coerced by the robbers, Ede has been secretly indicating the location of the robber's gold bars and cash storage.

Subsequently, this accomplice named Karl Kachami was also captured by the police.

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扮演劫匪的Kachami在洗劫得手后,将赃物藏匿至了位于维州东南部South Gippsland的母亲家里。由于警方追查及时,最后成功地追回了大部分的被盗财物。不过还是有超过30万元的现金不知所踪。而Ede和Kachami这两名黄金大盗也遭到了起诉!



不过Ede的这番言论却让他的老板Michael Kulkulta伤心不已。老板表示Ede已经在他那里工作了15年了,他也一直把Ede当成好朋友照顾,可是Ede却不仅偷了他的钱,还侮辱了他的为人……


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