Australia-Melbourne isolates hotel employees from infection, Australian media: It is obvious that there is a problem with the quarantine, and measures should be taken to improve it (photo) | Australia Chinatown

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2月3日晚11点31分,《先驱太阳报》的政治编辑James Campbell发表

2月3日晚11点31分,《先驱太阳报》的政治编辑James Campbell发表了一篇名为《我们必须再问一次关于酒店隔离计划的问题》,称检疫计划明显又出了问题,应该采取措施改善。

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(Image source: "Herald Sun")






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(Image source: "Herald Sun")

听周三晚间州长的讲话,很明显,他认为这名确诊者没有感染其他人的可能性很低,首席卫生官Brett Sutton也表示,该名确诊者“携带的病毒量很高”。



鉴于这种病毒传染性更强,我们是否能像Black Rock聚集性疫情那样幸运,将是一个有趣的问题。




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Topic: The spread of the new crown pneumonia epidemic in Australia enters the topic >>

Latest: Sydney childcare center closed urgently and employees are being tested for suspected illness (photo)

Update: Doctor Huang has apologized | insisting on "Wuhan pneumonia", the Australian Chinese District Clinic was accused of offending!The front desk responded to reporters: "Isn't it? Get out!"

Rolling update: Morrison announces XNUMX billion subsidies to Australian stocks, the NSW government considers closing Bunnings

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