Australia-Mo City Police have screened thousands of hours of surveillance and tried their best to find Zhang Ju's body (Photos) | Australia Chinatown

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墨尔本警员正在对数千小时的监控视频进行筛选,试图找到失踪华女张菊(Ju “Kelly” Zhang)的尸体。

墨尔本警员正在对数千小时的监控视频进行筛选,试图找到失踪华女张菊(Ju “Kelly” Zhang)的尸体。


(Image source: "Pioneer Sun")

据《先驱者太阳报》报道,张菊男友Joon Seong Tan已被控谋杀罪名,但警方仍有责任揭开张菊在最后时刻究竟发生了什么。失踪人员小组成员希望为了张菊的家人,找到她的遗体,同时这也对起诉Tan有重大意义。


(Image source: "Pioneer Sun")

上周,警方对Ivanhoe West一个保护区进行大规模搜索,但没有发现张的踪迹。目前警方仍在Ivanhoe、West Heidelberg,尤其是Darebin Creek附近展开调查,希望有知情人士透露信息。

上周五,Tan在墨尔本地方法庭过堂,警方要求有更多的时间来准备证据摘要。检察官Michael Roper表示,“大约3500小时的监控视频需要查看,还有几条中文短信要翻译。”当天,Tan通过视频出庭,他穿着灰色毛衣、戴着黑色眼镜和蓝色口罩。

Attorney Greg Hughan told the court that his client only speaks "limited" English.Tan has now been remanded in custody and will appear in court again for arraignment on July 7.


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“安静、友好” 独家专访澳失踪华女邻居,男友被控谋杀周五过堂!警方荒野搜救未果(组图)


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