Australia-Foreign media: Support Trump's "Patriot Party", want to develop militia organization | Australia Chinatown

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According to a study released on February 2nd, the "Patriot Party" group that supports former US President Trump is rapidly growing on social media and trying. . .
            根据2月2日发布的一项研究显示,支持美国前总统特朗普的“爱国者党”团体正在社交媒体上迅速壮大,并试图发展相关民兵组织。<br />

After the riots on Capitol Hill on January 1, Trump and members of the Republican Party diverged and proposed the idea of ​​forming a "Patriot Party."But according to Trump adviser Jason Miller on January 6, Trump has abandoned his plan to create a new party.

Although Trump has given up the idea of ​​establishing a "Patriot Party", his supporters still try to "grow and grow."According to Reuters on the 2nd, the "Technology Transparency Project" (Tech
Transparency Project) research pointed out that the "Patriot Party" has developed rapidly on Facebook, and related groups have attracted thousands of members within a few days.

As of January 1, statistics from the "Technology Transparency Project" showed that tens of thousands of Trump supporters had spread the images of the Patriot Party on 20 groups and 51 pages on Facebook.It is worth noting that on January 85, in a group with more than 1 members, a post directed members to an external website, urging them to "join a local militia."

According to reports, although Facebook announced in August last year that it would ban “militarized social movements” on the platform, some forum administrators still expressed support for “three percent” (Three
Percenters and Oath Keepers are far-right militia groups.

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