Australia-Most of the United States, like refrigerators, wind power facilities in Texas shut down due to icing storm | Australia Chinatown

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Nearly half of the wind power generation facilities in Texas, the United States, were shut down due to an ice storm today. Electricity demand soared to a new high in the extreme cold, but wind turbines stopped operating due to rare extreme freezing. . .
            美国德州近半风力发电设施今天因冰风暴而停摆,用电需求在酷寒中飙破新高,风力涡轮机却因罕见极冻停止运转。<br />

President Biden responded today to Texas Governor Greg Abbott.
Abbott) requested that a federal emergency be declared to 254 counties in the state and authorized the Federal Ministry to coordinate disaster relief in Texas.

During the weekend, the weather in most of the United States was severe, from the Pacific Northwest (Pacific Northwest).
Northwest), Great Plains (Great Plains) all the way to the Mid-Atlantic State, all the weather is heavy snow, ice and freezing rain.

(National Weather
Service) said that the cold air brought by the Arctic air masses all the way south, making the areas where ice-covered weather was not common in the past also very cold. Most of the Gulf Coast, Oklahoma and Missouri have issued winter storm warnings.

The Texas power grid operator "Texas Electric Reliability Council" (Electric Reliability Council of Texas,
ERCOT) issued an alert, calling on consumers and businesses to save electricity, because the temperature in the state is extremely cold, and the demand for electricity has soared to a new high.

The committee said: "We are dealing with a higher-than-normal power generation shutdown because the wind turbines are freezing and the supply of natural gas for the generator sets is limited."

The wind power plant in western Texas was hit by an ice storm during the weekend and was particularly hard-hit.

According to data from the Texas Electric Power Reliability Commission, wind power is the second largest source of electricity in Texas, accounting for 2% of the state's electricity supply last year, second only to 23% of natural gas.

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