Australia-CCTV Exposes Fake Living Buddhas to Decrease 2 Million Female Disciples into Mind Controlled Rape and Obscenity | Australia Chinatown

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Through layers of packaging, the so-called "Qigong Master" Wang Xingfu has transformed into the reincarnated living Buddha "Luosang Danzhen". In 10 years, he illegally collected nearly 2 million yuan and raped and molested several female disciples.Recently, Jinan Intermediate People's Court made a final judgment on this fake living Buddha case.

层层包装 “气功大师”变身“"


However, this so-called "Luosang Danzhen" living Buddha, whose real name is Wang Xingfu, is a Han Chinese. Twenty years ago, Wang Xingfu had two external identities, one was a public official in the Jinan prison system, and the other was a "Qigong master."Wang Xingfu has been opening classes and apprentices abroad for a long time under the name of "Qigong Master", and he has no regard for his job in the prison system. In 20, Jinan Prison was expelled from public office when he could not be contacted.

Because the state cracked down on a series of exercises such as harmful qigong, Wang Xingfu gave up running qigong classes around 2000, and instead began to teach Buddhism as a Buddhist layman. In 2008, Wang Xingfu tried his best to worship an old local monk as a teacher in Oruo Temple, Shiqu County, Ganzi Prefecture, Sichuan Province. With the help of his fellow brother Lu Rong, he forged Lobsang Danzhen and Ba Lobsang successively. Dan Zhen's two Tibetan ID cards.

△Wang Xingfu (left) and Lu Rong (right)

With a false identity, Wang Xingfu held a so-called sitting-in ceremony with the help of Lurong, known to the outside world as the true living Buddha of Lobsang. As a result, Wang Xingfu completed the transformation from a "Qigong master" to a "Lawsang Danzhen.Wang Xingfu also asked his disciples to use the PS technique to package themselves into the image of sitting on a lotus stand with Buddha's light on their head, and cast bronze statues for his disciples to worship.

Earn nearly 2 million yuan as a living Buddha

Mind control of disciples

After becoming the "Lawsang Dan Real Living Buddha", Wang Xingfu began to collect money and cheat.The Jinan police investigation found that Wang Xingfu owned 12 properties across the country.In Wang Xingfu's residence, the police also seized large amounts of cash, various bank cards, gold bars, as well as high-end luxury goods and wine.Upon audit, Wang Xingfu illegally collected 1.98 million yuan in wealth.


In addition to receiving support from his disciples, Wang Xingfu also fabricated a variety of money collection projects: you must collect money when you convert to a "living Buddha," and you must also collect money when you choose a Dharma name.The cost of initiation transmission is 4 levels from low to high. After all repairs are completed, the fee is more than 5 yuan.After Wang Xingfu finished the ritual, the cloisonne vase with a value of more than 100 yuan bought from the Internet became a "dragon king's bottle" and sold it to his disciples for several thousand yuan.

Wang Xingfu also used the money to invest in companies, arranging disciples to act as legal representatives, selling and operating Buddhist supplies, printing texts and CDs through illegal channels, and selling them to disciples all over the country for profit.

In order to control his disciples, Wang Xingfu requires each disciple to write down the poisonous oath on the "Conversion Certificate" and "Yogi Information Card" of the standard when they take refuge and practice.If you rebel against the master, you are willing to suffer five thunders, be bitten to death by a snake, suffocate, or be hit by a car, and it is a present life report.He also fabricated the fallacy of "body blessing" and "double cultivation", exercised mental control on female disciples, and then raped and molested them.

Hang Xi Lu Rong Sentenced

Wang Xingfu's ability to commit illegal acts across the country under the banner of "living Buddha" is inseparable from the help of Lu Rong, director of the Eruo Temple Civil Management Committee in Shiqu County, Sichuan.Wang Xingfu built a bridge through Lu Rong's master, and the two of them established a close relationship.Subsequently, the two served as the chairman and deputy director of the Eruosi Civil Management Committee.

Police investigation found that in the process of Wang Xingfu's transformation into Luosang Danzhen, Lu Rong contacted the local village cadres after running to get through various links, so that Wang Xingfu successfully applied for two fake ID cards in the local area.Lurong also issued a seat voucher to Wang Xingfu in the name of the People's Management Committee of Oruo Temple.

In order to convince the disciples that Wang Xingfu is a false living Buddha, every time Wang Xingfu takes his disciples to Oruo Temple, Lurong will receive Wang Xingfu according to the living Buddha's treatment.

In 2016, someone on the Internet reported that Wang Xingfu was a fake living Buddha and he had collected money and deceived sex, which caused heated discussions.At this time, Lu Rong issued a statement in the name of the People's Management Committee of Oruo Temple to support Wang Xingfu, stating that Wang Xingfu "never treats himself or seeks fame and is a pure and selfless master."In return, Wang Xingfu remitted tens of millions to Lurong through bank cards or cash.

One counterfeit living Buddha collects wealth and deceives sex, and the other provides packaging space for the other party to benefit from it.The Jinan Intermediate People's Court concluded that Wang Xingfu committed the crime of organizing the use of a cult to undermine the law, the crime of illegal business operations, the crime of rape, and the crime of forced molestation of women. He was sentenced to 25 years in prison for several crimes.The criminal Lurong organized and used a cult to undermine the enforcement of the law and was sentenced to 6 years in prison.

Remember the three ways to identify the true and false living Buddha

Professionals suggest that to identify true and false living Buddhas, there are three ways to remember:

Search on the Internet through the "Tibetan Buddhist Living Buddha Inquiry System".

Check with the local religious affairs department.

Learn some basic Buddhist knowledge.

The religious affairs department and the police suggested that once the other party is confirmed to be a fake living Buddha, they should report the case to the local public security agency or the religious affairs department. Fighting the fake living Buddha is also to protect the healthy inheritance of Tibetan Buddhism.

(原标题:“假活佛” 10年骗2亿!名下12套房,对女弟子实施精神控制)

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