Australia-"Black Face" performance on CCTV Spring Festival Gala sparks racial discrimination controversy | Australia Chinatown

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CCTV Spring Festival Gala's "black face" performance caused racial discrimination controversy . .

央视春晚出现“涂黑脸”表演 引发种族歧视争议

— Voice of America Chinese Network (@VOAChinese)
February 12


In the song and dance program "African Song and Dance" on the Spring Festival Gala, many actors who played Africans sang and danced in lively African-style music. They wore traditional African costumes and painted their faces dark.

节目招来了许多批评。记录非洲人在中国经历的组织“Black Livity


旨在增强中国黑人声音的“中国黑人核心小组”(Black China

Wikipedia's interpretation of "blackface comic" is: minstrelsy is a form of racist entertainment developed in the United States in the early 19th century.Each show consists of comedy skits, various performances, dances and music. These performances particularly portray people of African descent, and most of the actors are white people with blacked faces.

The organization also hopes that the Spring Festival Gala director group can end this practice next year and instead hire black people living in China.

Some Chinese netizens accused the show of racial discrimination.A Weibo netizen said: "The Spring Festival Gala program is really stupid and bad. Is there any difference between looking for a few Chinese people to blacken their faces and pretend to be black and white people to discriminate against Asians and squint?"

China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs did not immediately respond to Reuters’ request for comment, and Reuters could not contact CCTV for comment.

In recent years, the practice of "painting black faces" has been considered offensive and discriminates against blacks.


Luxury brand Gucci (Gucci) has also been recruited for suspected "black face".A top of its autumn and winter series can cover the lower half of the face because of the black neckline, and the mouth is hollowed out and surrounded by bright red lips.The clothing caused controversy on social media, causing Gucci to take off the shelves and issue an apology.

Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau painted his skin dark at a makeup party at a private school many years ago, and he also publicly apologized for this.

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