Australia-The owner of a milk tea shop receives death threats!Will sell the shares completely withdraw! -Australia Chinatown

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Fun Tea的老板Jason Duan说,他和39岁的Gavin Guo收到了死亡威胁,后者被控在Gouger St商铺的冲突中掌掴,并踹了一名女员工。

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The owner of Funtea in Ade Chinatown said that he was worried that his life would be threatened by Chinese gangs!

Fun Tea的老板Jason Duan说,他和39岁的Gavin Guo收到了死亡威胁,后者被控在Gouger St商铺的冲突中掌掴,并踹了一名女员工。


Since its publication 10 days ago, the violent incident has been viewed more than 10 times on social media and has attracted widespread attention in Australia and China.

Duan admitted that the female employee complained that the hourly salary for working in this store was 10 yuan (AUD, the same below), which was much lower than the standard salary, which triggered the dispute.



Former overseas student lawyer Richard Townsend admitted in a letter to the Fair Work Commission that employees’ wages were low. Duan said his accountant is trying to determine how much debt needs to be repaid.

:“我将支付我所欠下的一切,并确保从现在起每个人都能得到正确的工资。我已经决定不再与‘Fun Tea’有任何关系,我将出售我的股份,然后退出。”“这件事让我倍感压力,我妻子每天都在哭。有太多的攻击和太多的压力。”

Duan said that he paid a popular YouTube blogger to fly from Sydney to Adelaide last weekend to tell the story of the incident in his store on Friday, January 1th, in Mandarin.

Duan said that the video posted by the girl friend in question did not show all of the incident.

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He said: "All people see is the first video taken by a friend of hers, but they need to see the whole thing and what caused it."

Duan said that when he received Guo's call, he was at his home in the eastern suburbs with his wife Susan and three children between 3 months and 12 years old.



It is reported that Duan came to Adelaide from Beijing in 2009 to study electrical and electromechanical degrees at UniSA.He said that he was embarrassed and ashamed of this incident, and the Chinese media also reported on the incident.

"This caused me a lot of problems," he said.

"I was told that the Ministry of Education of China warned students not to come to Australia to study. I don't want this to happen."

Duan admitted that during the two weeks that the girl in question worked for him, her hourly wage was 10 yuan.

"That's a training salary, and she is still in the training stage," he said.


Duan said that he will reassess the wages of employees in other companies he owns, including a billiard hall, a restaurant, and two other Fun Tea located in the CBD.

Fun Tea, Woodville and Semaphore in the other three cities are all independently operated.


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