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On February 2, a school in Xinxiang, Henan Province, "there are a lot of advertisements on student transcripts" caused concern.According to @boiling video

On February 2, a school in Xinxiang, Henan Province, "there are a lot of advertisements on student transcripts" caused concern.According to a report by @瓶点视频, some parents reported that the children’s report cards were full of advertisements, and the class teacher’s comments were the same printed content.The parent believes that the school’s job is to teach and educate, and it is difficult for him to accept the commercialization of the notice.

In response, the principal Gao of the school said that the flyer is provided by the business free of charge. Don't stick to the format of the class teacher's comments. If parents have opinions on the advertisement, "we won't use it next semester."

In the video, some parents reported that the child's report card became a brochure for a certain optical shop, "The five stores are all on this advertisement. Is this still a notice?"


The parent also reported that he originally wanted to see the teacher's evaluation of the child, but found that in addition to the hand-filled scores, the comments were the same printed content, and the back was all the advertisements of the glasses business.

"All students are like this,'Unite with classmates, care about the class, treat others politely...'" the parent said, pointing to the class teacher's comment.


In response, the principal Gao of the school replied that the flyers are provided by the merchants for free, and the merchants sometimes "obligate" to test the eyesight of the students, and said that parents do not have to stick to the format of the class teacher’s comments. If you have any questions, you can use WeChat or call the class teacher , If parents have opinions on advertising, "we won’t use it next semester if we can’t."

After the incident was reported by the media, netizens expressed their views, "It is right not to stick to the form, but it is really inappropriate to print an advertisement on the transcript."


In fact, it is not the first time that the advertisement on the transcript has caused controversy.

In February 2019, Tianzhushan Town Central Primary School in Qianshan City, Anhui Province printed an advertisement for a vision improvement agency on the student’s final transcript. After being exposed by the media, the principal of the school also stated that this practice did not violate relevant regulations. The advertisement was mainly Public welfare advertisements to prevent myopia and protect students' eyes.

Subsequently, the Qianshan City Bureau of Education instructed the school to carry out serious rectification, requiring schools at all levels in the city to strictly prohibit commercial propaganda from entering the campus to prevent such incidents from happening again.

In October 2018, the Ministry of Education issued an emergency notice, expressly prohibiting any form of commercial advertisements and commercial activities from entering the campus.

At the time of the notice, the education administrative departments of all regions should organize efforts to carry out a comprehensive inspection of primary and secondary schools and kindergartens in the area, focusing on the investigation of commercial advertising activities in primary and secondary schools and kindergartens, or using textbooks, auxiliary materials, and workbooks for primary and secondary school students and children , Stationery, teaching aids, school uniforms, school buses, etc. release or disguise advertising and other behaviors, find one, investigate and deal with them together, and resolutely prevent any commercial behavior from eroding the campus.

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