Australia-Exports to China have stagnated, red wine prices will fall-Australian News-Chinatown-Australia

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As the effects of tariffs become apparent, new data from China show that wine imports from Australia have been reduced by 75% since the beginning of the trade tensions, and the price of red wine is about to fall.At the end of last year, China sold Australian wines at below cost. . .Australia Chinatown
                随着关税的效果显现,中国的新数据显示从澳洲进口的葡萄酒从贸易紧张开始以来已经减少了75%,红酒的价格将要下跌。<br />

At the end of last year, China imposed tariffs ranging from 107% to 200% on Australian wine for selling below cost.Australian wine merchants denied dumping.

The Australian Wine Association’s annual report partly includes the consequences of tariffs. The report shows that exports to China have been reduced to 2020 billion Australian dollars in 11.5, which is still more than double the second-ranked United Kingdom (4.56 million).

But as China withdrew, winemakers were encouraged to return to traditional markets including Anglo-American-Cadet.

Ciatti Australia director and grape middleman r Matthew Tydeman said: "We have to retry those markets. But we have to realize that we have to compete with Chile, Spain and Argentina in terms of prices, and their prices are cheaper than our prices in the Australian market. a lot of."

So he said that the market will see Australian wine and grape prices fall.

"The supply of red grapes is sufficient. We will see price weakness. We have heard that prices have fallen since last year."

"Currently there is good demand for white grapes. Chardonnay, sauvignon blanc and pinot gris are in good demand and are in short supply."

"I expect the price of white grapes to be flat, but if there is a bumper harvest, the price will easily fall." … ina-dry-up/13111782

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