Australia-Xiaoyueyue topped the hot search, but this "Spring Festival Gala same style" was not eye-catching | Australia Chinatown

Release your eyes, put on headphones, and listen~!
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Who dominates the hot search?

Come on, this article has it all!

New host lineup debut

Many netizens discovered at a glance

"New Face" Zhang Tao is so handsome

Miss Li Sisi's lipstick

Amazing again

Why is it so beautiful every year

Opening song and dance "All the best"

William Chan and Liya Tong are so seductive

Netizens commented on God:

Hahaha, this is not my new year wish

The red masks in the auditorium are too much to steal the spotlight

It's so festive to look over at a glance

Everyone will be booming in the new year

Visually check the next big hit

Jia Ling is also the second hot

New year's first hot sweater cardigan stock up

Xiao Yueyue boldly guessed that he would be a hot search

The result is a direct hot search!Still "explosive"!

Come on, click on the video

Harvest the joy of today

A cross talk

Stunned is the effect of a large KTV scene


Did everyone sing along?

Andy Lau sings "Gong Xi Fa Cai"

The familiar flavor of the new year comes in an instant


Bringing a creative performance "Cow Up"

60-year-old Andy Lau "cloud appearance"

The mothers picked up their phones one after another

Become a star chaser girl

Andy Lau, 60, is also in good shape

Hua Zi is still that Hua Zi

In fact, Andy Lau himself did not show up

The performance is made of special effects

This effect is really awesome!

Dance "Jasmine"

Netizens were amazed

Really beautiful


And our cutest anti-epidemic medical staff

You are the top leader of my Greater China!



Use Xiaoyueyue's emoticon pack

Wish everyone a new year

related news:


Yue Yunpeng and Sun Yue brought cross talk "The Song of the Thirty Years"


The cross talk between Yue Yunpeng and Sun Yue hasn't finished yet, "Yue Yunpeng is right" is really hot search

This year is the 39th CCTV Spring Festival Gala, so the cross talk theme brought by Yue Yunpeng and Sun Yue is a breakdown of the classic songs that everyone has heard on CCTV Spring Gala in those years.Before starting the inventory, Xiao Yueyue said with a smile that now everyone is watching the Spring Festival Gala while swiping their mobile phones: "Now everyone must be holding chopsticks in one hand and swiping the mobile phone in the other." Following that, he was bold. Guess, "Maybe we will be on the hot search right away: Yue Yunpeng is right!"

Xiaoyueyue's scheduled hot search stunned netizens

This time, Xiao Yueyue was really right!The upstream news·Chongqing Morning News reporter noticed that when Yue Yunpeng walked into the audience and began to sing, the entry "Yue Yunpeng was right" appeared on the Weibo hot search list, and he entered the top ten after being on the list. . "This interaction is really dead" "Book a hot search by myself, and it really became, convinced"...



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