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Press secretary Jen Psaki says Biden will restart. . .

Press secretary Jen Psaki says Biden will
restart tradition and invite Trump back to White House for his
presidential portrait unveiling – despite Donald not affording same
courtesy to Obama

— ImageKingUSA (@ImageKingUSA1)
February 9

US President Biden and former President Trump not only competed during the election campaign, but also hindered the handover due to Trump's unwillingness to admit defeat.Even so, Trump still has the opportunity to revisit the White House in the future, because Biden tends to follow the tradition and preside over the unveiling ceremony of the portrait of the former president.

According to comprehensive foreign media reports, no matter how fierce the election is or the party is different, as long as a new president takes office, the portrait of the former president will be unveiled in the East Wing of the White House. This tradition has been maintained for decades.Former President Obama told Bush at the unveiling ceremony in 2012, “We may have different political positions, but the president’s authority transcends these differences.”

But last year it was rumored that Trump broke the tradition and was unwilling to host the unveiling ceremony for Obama, meaning that if Trump is re-elected, Obama will have to wait until 2025 to witness the unveiling of his portrait.In response, the White House Press Secretary Shaqi (Jen
Psaki) was asked this question and said, “At this stage, there is no information about the portraits in advance, but I will not say that we have the intention to break the tradition.”

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