Australia-The staff apologized privately and admitted to concealing the controversy about the number of deaths from the infection in the nursing home, and the public asked Como to step down (Photos) | Australia Chinatown

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美国纽约州长、民主党籍的科莫(Andrew Cuomo)爆出隐瞒疗养院染疫死亡人

美国纽约州长、民主党籍的科莫(Andrew Cuomo)爆出隐瞒疗养院染疫死亡人数争议,美国媒体2月11日报道,他的幕僚德罗萨(Melissa DeRosa)私下向民主党议员道歉,承认有隐瞒疗养院死亡人数,原因是该州担心联邦司法部调查及怕会引来特朗普(Donald Trump)政府追击。

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美国纽约州检察长詹姆斯(Letitia James)1月发表报告批评科莫领导的州政府,指控对方少报在疗养院的死亡人数,估计少报幅度超过50%,人数数以千计。

CNN reported that in the past nearly six months, lawmakers have been asking the Ministry of Health to provide complete data on the number of deaths in nursing homes, but there has been no significant progress for many months. After the state attorney general’s report was published, health officials Public data shows that more than 1.5 New Yorkers in nursing homes or other adult care facilities have been diagnosed or estimated to have died of new coronary pneumonia.As for the data before New York State released the data, the number was only over 8700.

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U.S. media: staff acknowledged the incident

《纽约邮报》2月11日报道指,该报取得的录音显示,科莫的幕僚德罗萨在一场私人举办的虚拟会议上,向民主党议员道歉,她表示该州是担心司法部针对纽约疗养院的初步调查,以及怕会引来时任总统特朗普(Donald Trump)注意,因特朗普当时常在Twitter议论科莫及其他民主党籍州长对疗养院的处理。


Topic: Countries around the world respond to the new crown pneumonia epidemic into the topic >>

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Australia wants to take the lead in investigating the origin of the virus!Beijing clearly refuses: political manipulation is unpopular (photo)

Why did you suddenly change your face?WHO also needs to investigate the source of the virus, will China agree to it (photo)

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