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The sweet and lovely young lady knelt on one knee, and after receiving a bowl of Laba porridge from the boss, she respectfully sent "I wish you peace and health" and then smiled. . .

The sweet and lovely young lady knelt on one knee. After receiving a bowl of laba porridge from the boss, she respectfully sent a message of "I wish you peace and health", then got up and left with a smile, giving way to the colleagues who lined up behind to continue "Kneel and worship" ceremony".

After such a magical company congee-making activity was put on a hot search, the gray-haired boss Lin Ruiyang in the camera became a target of public criticism.Although female employees came forward to explain that the boss was a "life mentor", "like a brother like a father", and "kneeling to the elders is a proper and educated performance", but the loyal speech has caused netizens to distorted the brand. Cultural questioning.

As the most magical couples in the entertainment industry, after Lin Ruiyang and Zhang Ting turned from celebrities into micro-business tycoons, large-scale confusing scenes can be said to be new and new.

In order to promote the brand, Lin Ruiyang disguised herself as a woman's dress, unlike her handsome appearance when she was young.

One is the “popular niche in Taiwan” at that time, and the other is the “dimple goddess” in many people’s childhood memories. After coming out of the controversy over men’s derailment and the upper third of their primary school, the couple seemed to be particularly favored by fate.

They built a micro-business empire with the help of the makeup brand TST Ting Secret (TST) founded in 2014 and won the record of "5 billion taxpayers" within 21 years.The company’s ability to make money at every turn is at the “5 million level”: employees are encouraged to earn 20 billion in five months, warehouse stocks are four to five billion, and total sales in the five years of brand creation are 5 billion... Employees who have entered the company’s family, You can be the boss’s "daughter" or the boss’s wife. When the boss opens his mouth, he is the blood of "teaching you to start a business and make you rich".

Such a "exaggerated" corporate culture naturally attracts all kinds of disdain and contempt. "Zhang Ting and his wife are a cult?" "Isn't this just MLM?" "I really don't like them." . . . .

But the more you are looked down upon, the more you earn crazy. When the drama couples become "walking cash cows", the magic is unstoppable.

"Stars' faces" & "Sisters' love"

On January 2019, 1, a commendation meeting for the top 24 enterprises in Qingpu District, Shanghai, sent Zhang Ting and his wife, who had been making a fortune, on the hot search.

At the commendation meeting, among the highest paying companies in 2018, Shanghai Darwin Trading Co., Ltd. topped the list with 21 billion yuan.This company is the parent company of the skin care brand TST founded by Zhang Ting and his wife.

·Lin Ruiyang (left) received the "2018 Highest Tax Award" on behalf of the company.

"The Queen's Brand of Zhang Ting, Queen of Frozen Age", this is the slogan of TST.The couple, one borrowed beauty and fame as the brand endorsement, and the other ran the company behind the scenes, which worked seamlessly together.

After the incident of "Senior Junior High" in Taiwan that year, Zhang Ting held a shocking press conference.At the meeting, she lost control of her emotions and cried so much. In the end, she cried until she was in shock. She slumped on the table and left the scene.

At that time, one of the two professed his innocence and "will never marry", and the other said that "will never marry again".Later, everyone knows what happened. They moved to the mainland, not only got married, but also gradually left the entertainment circle and started anew in the mall.

After Lin Ruiyang started business, he made a lot of money in the real estate market. When the industry was gradually depressed, he changed his mind and aimed at the emerging field-micro business.

Since entering the micro-business industry, Lin Ruiyang and Zhang Ting have gradually gone farther and farther on the road of freeing themselves, and have made a lot of money for earning brand topics.

At the brand event, Lin Ruiyang did not hesitate to pretend to be a woman, wearing a backless outfit with heavy makeup on her face, and dancing on the stage.

· Lin Ruiyang wears a backless to promote TST, which is also enough.

· Nearly 60-year-old Lin Ruiyang sings and dances in pink shoes.

Many female employees posted close photos with Lin Ruiyang on Weibo. They sometimes touched their faces and touched their heads, sometimes pouting their mouths to be cute↓↓

During the live event, Lin Ruiyang even grasped the hand of A Zi, the person in charge of TST Southwest Region, and couldn't help but rub ↓↓

Zhang Ting didn't care about these excessive intimacy actions, and responded that "all sisters and family members".This "magnanimity" surprised netizens.

In the stage of brand development, the contacts that Zhang Ting and his wife had accumulated in the entertainment industry came in handy.

The TST publicity interface shows that Tao Hong and his wife and Cao Ge both have equity participation, and actor Ming Dao is also among the shareholders.

·Mingdao kisses the necks of employees in turn during the TST event.I have to say that after getting involved in micro-business, Ming Dao's old mature and stable image no longer exists...

In addition to the vigorous promotion of big coffee bosses, there are also a number of celebrities as the brand platform: Lin Chiling is the endorsement of TST collagen beverage, Liu Tao, Zhao Wei, Fan Bingbing, Zhang Xinyu and others have also posted photos of personal use of TST products on the Internet.

· A TST charity thanksgiving party can gather all kinds of celebrities.

With the blessing of half of the entertainment industry, the TST brand, although not well known, has repeatedly achieved amazing performance in recent years.

On Weibo, an agent posted a summary of the company's annual sales performance. According to data, as of 2019, the cumulative sales of the brand during the five years of its establishment were 5 billion yuan. During the "Double 27" period in 2020, the product's single-day sales exceeded 11 million.

It is more intuitive to look at the profitability of an enterprise in terms of tax payment. In 2017, Zhang Ting and his wife created an annual tax of 12.6 billion yuan; by 2018, the tax amount was as high as 21 billion, which is amazing.

Of course, these dazzling numbers not only come from skin care, make-up, and toiletries, but also beauty equipment, red wine, health care products, sanitary napkins, and even some clothing brands.

Zhang Ting, who has a lot of experience in marketing, did not lag behind when the live broadcast era came.

On the evening of June 2020, 6, Zhang Ting's first live Douyin live broadcast, setting a revenue of 10 million yuan, took the place of Douyin's "first sister with goods" on the same day. During the "Double 2.5" period, even Luo Yonghao, who was heavily invited by Douyin, was left far behind by her.

· After the "Double 2020" in 11, Douyin announced the ranking of the ability to carry goods.

"Miracle Curative Effect" & "Cult Slogan"

What's the secret of TST, which is not well-known but sold out?

The TST brand claims that the product uses active yeast ingredients, adopts the national patented three-bacteria-in-one concept, and uses low-temperature wrapping technology to improve the activity of yeast, with whitening, anti-aging, moisturizing, acne, repairing and other effects.Zhang Ting also repeatedly stated in the program that the effect of using TST skin care products is comparable to collagen beauty needles.

The word-of-mouth crisis started in 2016.At that time, Ms. Cui from Shanghai posted on Weibo that she was "tragically disfigured" after using TST's live yeast products and the hospital diagnosed her skin allergy and inflammation.

Subsequently, TST and Miss Cui fell into a long wrangling.The customer service said that this was a normal detoxification process, and then the company unilaterally issued a statement saying that Ms. Cui's face had recovered.But Ms. Cui denied it directly, saying that the other party was tough and shirks responsibility in the negotiations.

·Zuo Wei, once known as "China's No. XNUMX Paparazzi", posted Weibo to support Miss Cui.

After this matter aroused widespread concern, Zhang Ting issued a long reply stating that TST products have all three certificates for compliance with laws and regulations, and a professional third-party inspection and quarantine agency conducts hygiene and safety tests.Each user has different skin types, so they will have different reactions to cosmetics, and will continue to contact consumers to resolve this matter.

In July of that year, the "Consumer Report" issued an article stating that it had received complaints from many consumers that they had various degrees of allergies after using TST live yeast products, and abnormal symptoms such as hard bumps and acne appeared on their faces.

In addition to being questioned at the risk of bad face, TST's products and ingredients do not seem to withstand scrutiny.

A reporter from "Universal People" searched TST on the official website of the National Medical Products Administration and found that the brand had only 15 products in the category of "domestic special-purpose cosmetics", and 69 pages in "domestic non-special-purpose cosmetics".The difference between "special and non-special", from the perspective of the application management model, the former is a registration system, while the latter is a filing system, that is, the former must be uniformly approved by the state and the listing procedures are stricter, while the latter only needs to be supervised at the provincial level. The department can file.

In addition, the reporter found that after exposure by many media, "TST Royal Age Powder Yan Light Muscle Essence", "TST Ice Skin Ruyu Repair Gel (Flower Powder)", and "TST Soft Mist Silky Foundation Liquid" In the remarks of many products, the red “order to correct” logo still failed to be erased.

On the official website of the National Medical Products Administration, reporters inquired about the ingredients of TST products and found that the so-called active yeast was just "the lysate of the fermentation product of Difidida".The reporter inquired about professional information and found that this ingredient has nothing to do with yeast, and is far from the "live yeast" promoted.By adding "Difid yeast fermentation product lysate", the effect of moisturizing and softening can be achieved, but the effects of "reverse age" and "whitening" that are hyped up cannot be achieved.

In addition, TST's marketing model was also suspected of being involved in pyramid schemes, and was once called a "cult organization" by netizens.

Although TST officials have repeatedly stated that they are fundamentally different from MLM, they have also tried to avoid the three levels of sales and cancel the "income gate fee" and other MLM features, but the data shows that the sales model adopted by TST products is a multi-level agency system , Including the commission rebate level model (the more agents the higher the income), the team remuneration method (the lower the performance settlement of the higher-level remuneration), the agents only do sales and other aspects are in line with the characteristics of MLM.

On the interface of TST recruiting agents, the slogan "Secret Agent, the next millionaire is you" in oversized fonts makes a strong MLM flavor blow over your face.

In addition, the "extraordinary profit" attribute of the cosmetics industry itself also allows Zhang Ting and his wife to make a lot of money, but they can't escape users' doubts about their "conscience" making money.

According to a report from Sina Finance, someone familiar with the matter once broke the news that TST makes money so much because the product cost is extremely low. A mask sells for 298 yuan, but the purchase price is only 14 yuan.

Perfect Filter VS Bad Reputation

Most of the employees and audiences of TST have one common feature: because they need to take care of their families and children, they don’t have a fixed job, but they hope to achieve their dream of "independent women" through WeChat business, thereby achieving economic freedom and winning the hearts of their families and husbands. status.

In order to attract these users, Zhang Ting, the "Godmother of Wechat Business", seems to have consciously created a role model, and even made "Becoming Zhang Ting" the common vision of female members.

The "Mrs. Kuo" persona is Zhang Ting's first step to promote the wealth code.

For this reason, she has more than once revealed that she owns a mansion overlooking the Huangpu River with its own sky garden.In a variety show, people finally got a glimpse of the grand mansion: prime location, first-line river view, luxurious baroque style, and a vegetable plot on the invincible large terrace.

As the boss’s wife, Zhang Ting is also quite proud, using benefits to let employees see that they are approaching a better life step by step.

We will organize a cruise theme mobilization conference to reward the elite employees who help them sell goods through WeChat ↓↓

Give employees a year-end bonus, the highest bonus reaches 10 months' salary↓↓

In 2020, Zhang Ting and his wife spent 17 billion to buy a building by the Huangpu River, and gave away friends and shareholders Tao Hong and Mingdao each on the first floor. This kind of trench once blasted the social platform ↓↓

They also issued customized bank cards for employees (card number 666666 is also very 666) ↓↓

With money by his side, Zhang Ting finally needs a "happy family" to impress female employees. The daily show of affection between her and Lin Ruiyang has become commonplace.

Zhang Ting once revealed that she was used to calling Lin Ruiyang "daddy" in a coquettish manner at home, and she had to carry her on her back when going to the toilet at night.

When they first showed their affection on the show, they claimed that Lin Ruiyang had proposed 8 times before Zhang Ting agreed.Now that the marriage is married and the baby is born, Lin Ruiyang still kneels down and proposes.

Successful, happy, and full of vitality, Zhang Ting seems to be a filter through the perfect “personal design”.Through the filter, team members seem to see "the future self."

Zhang Ting is regarded as the "godmother" in the brand circle he built.But outside of the circle, her halo and filters all failed.

During the 2020 new crown pneumonia epidemic, the couple donated XNUMX million yuan, which attracted a lot of goodwill and seemed to be full of positive energy.But the general environment has not changed. As long as investment partners bring TST on Weibo, the comments will be overwhelmed by questions from netizens.Such a mudslide of word of mouth is hard to save by doing charity.

· Whenever Tao Hong publishes Weibo related to TST, the comment area will be "conquered" by netizens.

It is no longer a new thing for celebrities to do micro-businesses. If it is a legal business, it is understandable that they have their own ability to make money.But if you exaggerate the effect of product promotion, rely on accumulated reputation in exchange for commercial capital, and rely on the establishment to win users, then it is another matter.

Especially after the loss of "national favorability", the future path of Zhang Ting and his wife may have to ask for more blessings.

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