Australia-After the impeachment case, he became the first member of parliament to sue Trump | Australia Chinatown

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The Democratic House of Representatives accused Trump of inciting congressional rebellion, and his personal lawyer was also the defendant of the Democratic Party of the United States (Mississippi). . .
            民主党众议员控告特朗普煽动国会叛乱 其私人律师同为被告<br />

US Democratic Party Mississippi (Mississippi), House of Representatives Homeland Security Committee Chairman Thompson (Bennie Thompson
Thompson on February 2 against former President Trump (Donald Trump)
Trump) filed a lawsuit accusing him of inciting congressional rebellion on January 1 and conspiring with private lawyers and extremist organizations to prevent the Senate from confirming the results of the presidential election.

The Associated Press stated that this is the first lawsuit filed against Trump by members of Congress regarding the impact of Congress, and it is against Trump personally.The lawsuit seeks punitive and compensatory damages, but did not specify this.

Mississippi Rep. Bennie Thompson has accused
Donald Trump in a federal lawsuit of inciting the deadly
insurrection at the US Capitol and of conspiring to try to
prevent the Senate from certifying the results of the presidential

— MPR News (@MPRnews)
February 16

Impeachment of Trump: The picture shows on September 2020, 9, U.S. Democratic Rep. Thompson of Mississippi made a speech in Congress.

Trump’s personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, including the "Proud Boys" and the Oath Guardian (Oath
Keepers) and other organizations are listed as defendants.Some members of these extremist organizations were prosecuted by the Ministry of Justice for participating in the attack on Congress.

The lawsuit mentions that in the "Save America" ​​(Save
America) The series of carefully planned events unfolding in the rally and congress is not accidental or coincidental.At that time, some people carefully coordinated a movement to obstruct the legal process of confirming the results of the Electoral College, and these events were the peak of the movement that was expected and foreseeable.

Trump looks at adviser Miller (Jason
Miller later issued a statement denying that the Trump Organization caused a rally that caused commotion and incited and attempted to incite any acts of violence in Congress.Giuliani has not responded for the time being.

In addition, the Speaker of the House of Representatives Pelosi (Nancy
Pelosi said on the 15th that Congress will set up an independent investigation committee to examine the facts and reasons related to the congressional shock. White House spokesperson Jen
Psaki) expressed support for the arrangement on the 16th.

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