Australia-Severe snowstorm hits the eastern United States at least 1 dead, thousands of flights canceled, vaccination postponed | Australia Chinatown

Release your eyes, put on headphones, and listen~!
Snowed in Our Observatories will remain closed toda. . .

Snowed in

Our Observatories will remain closed today due to the storm. Stay
warm, NYC!

: newyork_immigrant/IG

- Empire State Building (@EmpireStateBldg)
February 2

The east coast of the United States was hit by a strong snowstorm today, which caused flights to be cancelled, schools closed, and new coronavirus vaccination operations were also forced to postpone. New York City is preparing for what may be one of the largest snowfalls in history.The police said at least one person had been killed.

Heavy snow is accompanied by strong winds of up to 80 kilometers per hour, causing blizzard-like weather conditions in the eastern coastal areas.Agence France-Presse reported that the National Weather Service
The Weather Service issued a storm warning for the Virginia-Maine region, which has a population of tens of millions.

In anticipation of heavy snow and strong winds, New York Mayor Bill de
Blasio) will restrict non-essential travel from 1 a.m. Eastern time on the 6st (1 p.m. on the 7st Taiwan time).Bai Sihao also announced that public schools will be suspended all day tomorrow.

According to Reuters, New York Governor Andrew Gu Mo
Cuomo) declared a state of emergency against New York City and 44 other counties and warned that roads may be closed in the next few hours.

Gu Mo said at the luncheon press conference: “The situation is dangerous and life-threatening. The road is expected to be closed and the snowstorm will soon become very violent.”

The New York Times quoted the police as saying that as of this evening, at least one person had been killed by the storm.

The snowstorm that just hit NYC is one of
the biggest in its history.
The record: 3 days in January 2016, when 27.5 inches of snow fell
in Central Park.

— Cliff Levy (@cliffordlevy)
February 2

More than 1600 U.S. flights have been cancelled, mostly at airports in New York, Boston, Philadelphia and Washington, disrupting air travel that has been greatly curtailed by the coronavirus.

Airlines canceled access to La Guardia Airport (La Guardia Airport) and JFK International Airport (JFK
All flights at Newark Liberty International Airport (Newark Liberty International Airport)
Airport) 71% of flights are cancelled.

The New York City store closes early, and outdoor trains are expected to suspend operations at 2 pm local time.

The blizzard not only affected roads and traffic, but also forced the closure of COVID-2019 vaccination sites and testing sites.

Six vaccinations sites in New Jersey are closed today, and many state vaccinations sites in New York State have also rescheduled their vaccination schedules.Public hospitals and health centers in New York City also suspended vaccination and virus screening.Mayor Bai Sihao said that tomorrow's vaccination campaign in New York City will also be postponed.

As of this afternoon, this northeast storm has brought as much as 48 cm and 43 cm of snowfall to parts of New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and parts of New York City, respectively. The accumulated snowfall in Manhattan Central Park exceeded 33 cm.The snow belt began to move north and into New England.

The snowfall is expected to continue until tomorrow morning, and forecasters predict that the total snowfall will come to 50 cm; if the forecast is accurate, this will be the eighth largest snowstorm in New York City since records began in 1869.

James Carew, a 30-year-old snowplow operator with 56 years of experience in Union County, New Jersey, predicted: "This is a storm of the century!"



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