Australia-WeChat is updated again!It’s about giving red envelopes during the Spring Festival, this time I have a big move (Photos) | Australia Chinatown

Release your eyes, put on headphones, and listen~!






Exclusive red envelope for group chat,


在8.0版本中,灰度测试的专属群聊红包,已经在本次微信更新中正式上线了。在微信群内选择发红包,点击“拼手气红包”字样选择“专属红包” ,选择红包发送群内的某个成员,发送出去后,专属领取红包的群成员会在群名称看到微信红包强提醒。

The exclusive red envelope can only be received by designated users, and when other users click on it, it will prompt "This red envelope is only available for XX".


目前,领取后的红包封面有效期为三个月 ,所以会出现一些封面过期的情况。

改版之前 ,可以使用和已经失效的红包封面,都在同一界面,左右滑动可查看。改版之后 ,新增“已失效封面”功能 ,点击进入即可查看所有已失效的红包封面。


改版之前 ,“状态”功能是会变色的,每点击设置一次,或者当你退出微信重新进入“状态”时,它的颜色就会不同。

改版之后 ,微信状态取消了“变色”功能,正常模式状态下为灰色显示,深色模式下为白色显示,并且“状态”图标有所缩小,看上去更简洁了。

同时,新增了几种新状态,比如:“胡思乱想、沉迷学习、开会、出差、睡觉”等 。

New identity

Similar to the sub-account function, click on the video number-"Browse Settings" in the upper right corner and enter "Privacy", you can "Create a new identity", click to upload your profile picture, and fill in your nickname.It should be noted that the new identity will take effect in all live broadcast rooms and can only be modified once a month.

Enter the live broadcast room, click the menu bar in the upper right corner, and find the "Select Identity" function to choose the identity to switch manually.

Video number privacy

改版之前 ,视频号权限设置里,仅有“不看好友点赞过的视频动态”以及“不看的视频号”两个。

改版之后 ,权限设置里新增了“不让他(她)看我赞过的视频”。




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