Australia-The German Ministry of Foreign Affairs issues a travel warning to China: China uses "intrusive" testing | Australia Chinatown

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The German Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that "the medical measures taken by the Chinese side are invasive, including blood tests once a day and regular CT tests."If not necessary. . .

The German Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that "the medical measures taken by the Chinese side are invasive, including blood tests once a day and regular CT tests."
If it is not necessary, it is currently “not recommended” to travel to China.

— DW Chinese-German Voice (@dw_chinese)
February 11

In view of the possibility that China will adopt more stringent anti-epidemic measures, the German government has strengthened its travel warning against the People’s Republic of China.

The German Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated in a notice published on its official website on Thursday:
"Patients who have recovered from the new coronavirus infection, although they can issue a polymerase chain reaction negative certificate, a serum antibody IgM test certificate, and a green QR code, will still be required to be quarantined for several weeks upon entry and receive a series of an examination."

In addition, “people who have antibodies in their bodies because they do not know they are infected with the new coronavirus” will also be quarantined.Passengers travelling to China on the same plane as an infected person must also undergo the same isolation measures. "The medical measures taken by China are invasive, including daily blood tests and regular CT tests." The German Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that if it is not necessary, it is currently "not recommended" to travel to China.

A positive antibody test could prove that the person has recovered after being infected with the new coronavirus and may already have immunity. However, there is news in Beijing that quarantine measures will also be taken for immigrants who test positive for these antibodies.However, this news has not yet been officially confirmed.According to news from the diplomatic circle, one of the immigrants was vaccinated before, and therefore had antibodies in his body and was in trouble. The Süddeutsche Zeitung reported that when a German citizen entered China in January this year, he reported that he had previously been infected with the new crown virus, but he has now recovered.However, he was isolated in the hospital because of a positive antibody test.The newspaper said that another German citizen and a citizen of another country also encountered the same situation.

Since March last year, China has blocked the border.However, those who hold a valid residence permit to China for work or family reunion can still be allowed entry.Those whose residence permit expires can reapply for an entry visa.But before taking the flight to China, a series of inspections are required.After arriving in China, they need to be quarantined for two to four weeks in designated hotels or other facilities.According to a poll recently released by the German Chamber of Commerce in China, German companies generally believe that the biggest problem they currently face is China's entry restrictions.

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