Australia-A girl in Sydney fell into the water from a 3-meter high platform and was sinking at a critical moment. A miracle appeared... (Photos) | Australia Chinatown

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The Sydney girl fell into the water from a 3-meter high platform and was sinking at a critical moment. A miracle happened...

I don't know when it started, each country seems to have its own unique temperament.

For example, when we think of Russia, we think of "sturdy fighting nation";

Speaking of Finland, we think of "a country with social fear"...

So when it comes to Australia, what are the characteristics?


As a very tolerant country, Australia’s characteristics are really a bit uncertain...

Because it belongs to a country with comprehensive and balanced development in all aspects.If you have to say that it has any unique and outstanding aspects, if you think about it carefully, it should be a hero in all aspects...

Why do you say that?Because in Australia, whether it is an elderly or a child, there is an instinct-to be able to stand up for danger at a critical moment!


A 3-year-old girl in Sydney fell into the water. At a critical moment, a hero appeared...

Every summer, for every Australian, there is also a very unique "opening method": summer and beach are the best match!Because of the unique conditions, almost all children in Australia grew up by the sea.

As long as it’s a rest day, Australian parents will take it to major beach attractions...


Although a beach holiday is good, parents should pay attention to safety when taking their children to play.

Just last weekend, a little girl named her fell and drowned when she was playing with her parents in a port in Sydney!

Fortunately, there was a "hero" who saved her at the time to avoid causing tragedy...


3 year old Mia Bullimore

It is reported that it was a Saturday rest day, and many Australian parents took their children out to play on the beach.

Scott Windon, an Australian father with two daughters, was no exception. He took his two young daughters to spend a day in Mort Bay Park in Sydney's west.

Originally it was supposed to be a very relaxing and pleasant holiday, but what he didn’t expect was that while he was enjoying the scenery, a young girl fell from a 3-meter-high table with great speed and fell heavily. In the water! !

The sudden sound awoke all those who were immersed in joy.

People all smell the reputation...Scott is no exception, looking curiously at the sound of the sea.


Scott Windon and his family

As a result, he saw at a glance that a little girl about 3 years old was struggling in the water! !

The small head floated up and down in the water, as if it was going to be swallowed up by the sea in the next second... the situation was urgent, and many people had not yet reacted.

Only heard another "puff", a man also jumped into the water, swimming towards the child...

Only then did the people on the shore react: Someone fell into the water! !

For a while, the entire harbor exploded... "Help, someone fell into the water!" "OMG! Whose child is that..." "Hurry up and find a lifeguard!"...


And then there was another sound of falling into the water, which was actually the sound of Scott jumping into the water...

While people were still discussing whose child fell into the water, Scott jumped into the water without hesitation and went to save the child.

Afterwards, with everyone's efforts, the little girl who fell into the water was finally rescued safely.

And this girl, it was Mia Bullimore... Things turned out to be unsafe, everyone breathed a sigh of relief.

But at this time, people recalled the scene just now, only to realize the severity of the matter!

The Leichhardt Police Department also said: “When Little Mia started sinking into the depths of the harbor, everyone was panicked and didn’t know how to rescue her, but Scott Windon acted immediately.” It was Scott who took her into the water before the little Mia was completely sunk. Fished it up.He clamped Mia under his left arm, swam about 70 meters to the nearest exit, and handed Mia to her parents Ian and Phoebe. "

When Mia was rescued, she received only a slight impact.

But Scott's situation is less optimistic...because when he jumped into the water, he happened to land in a place with a lot of rock oysters.The sharp rock oyster, like countless knives, severely cut through Scott's feet, calves, knees, thighs and palms...


But even so, Scott didn't flinch, and continued to walk with pain in the water.He didn't look down at his injuries until he brought little Mia back to shore smoothly...

If it weren't for Scott's quick actions, the consequences would be unimaginable!

Afterwards, everyone, including Mia's parents, expressed gratitude and admiration to Scott.

Leichhardt police praised him even more: "Not all heroes wear cloaks."

"If it hadn't been for Scott Windon's quick-thinking, selfless, and heroic behavior, this incident might have become another tragedy of a child drowning."

"His actions not only saved little Mia's life, but also helped her family, friends and first responders."



Yes, for an irrelevant stranger, I didn't hesitate to jump into the sea to save people.Even if he was bruised and bruised, he would not hesitate...Scott is really a well-deserved "superhero"!


Heroes regardless of age! 11-year-old girl "riding the wind and waves" to rescue the young man!

Australia is a country full of love and courage.It is almost a natural instinct for Australians to stand up when encountering danger.

Because of this, people living in Australia always have an illusion.That is: it feels like walking in the rivers and lakes described by Jin Yong!There are knights everywhere, and every ordinary person turns into a superman at any time!

Even an 11-year-old child can become a superman who saves lives in minutes!

This happened in Melbourne before: Layla Pretorius, an 11-year-old girl, was skateboarding and surfing at Williamstown Beach in southwest Melbourne.

But suddenly, she heard a mother calling for help.Instinctively, she rushed to the mother's face without hesitation and asked what had happened.

It turned out that the mother's son was in danger in the sea not far away! !

Layla saw that the situation was already very critical, and she might not be able to wait for the arrival of professional rescuers.So, without a word, she took her surfboard to the mother's son as soon as she went for a run-up.


Layla, who has been learning swimming for six years, never thought that one day she could use her training skills so quickly.

However, facing the vast expanse of the sea and the crumbling life in the sea, Layla still chose to do her best to "ride the wind and waves."

50 meters, 100 meters, 200 meters, after rowing more than 200 meters, Layla finally rushed to the boy's side and rescued him from the waves.


Who could have imagined that an 11-year-old child could protect others like a superhero.

In Australia, heroes seem to be regardless of grade!

Sometimes, in order to save people, Australian "heroes" can even give everything, even if they die for this, they will never give up helping....

Last month, in the Wollangambe Gorge near the Blue Mountains, such a moving thing happened: A 39-year-old senior police officer accidentally rescued a Chinese student in Wollangambe Gorge. The last two people were killed.

It is reported that police officer Kelly Foster, who was on vacation, saw the Chinese female student Jennifer Qi who was caught in an edema whirlpool while using an inflatable swimming mat in Wollangambe Canyon.

As a result, Kelly immediately rescued her.But unfortunately, she was also caught in the whirlpool while trying to rescue her, and eventually both died...


At the farewell meeting of Officer Kelly, the NSW Police Commissioner praised him as "a true hero!"

At a time when the Sino-Australian relationship has many frictions, Kelly can selflessly assist others, which is really touching.

Although the ending is not good, she is really great.At present, regardless of the safety of life, regardless of the boundaries of nationality, race, and political attributes, trying our best to help others is so admirable!


Seriously, if you don't live in Australia for a long time, I really think Australians are "too stupid"!

However, this kind of "stupidness" is the characteristic of Australia!


A place where all people are heroes when danger comes

A place where everyone is willing to protect the weak

A place guarded by brave men

A place where people's hearts are hotter than fire


There is no heroism of rhetoric, and no unreliable empty talk, but as long as it is in the face of crisis, Australians never calculate whether they will get into trouble!

I only think about whether it should be or not, and then I have no hesitation... I have to say that Australians are really a little too handsome!

However, this is also related to the Australian social environment and home school education they have received since childhood.

In Australia, whether it is a parent or teacher, or a teacher, or a neighbor, they will tell Australian children to help others when they are in difficulties and to be responsible for what they do.

Such a generation affects one generation, and is passed on from generation to generation...Slowly, Australia's unique "heroic temperament" is derived!


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