Australia-12 years after the murder of the Lin Family in Sydney, the murderer Xie Lianbin failed to appeal-Chinatown Australia

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[Australian Network Compilation Report] The appeal of Robert Xie, the murderer of the Sydney Lin Family Massacre in 2009, was rejected on the 15th of this month and will continue to serve his sentence.

The Ninth News reported that in February 2017, Xie Lianbin was sentenced to 2 life imprisonment charges for murdering 5 relatives of his wife in his home in North Epping.The victims included newspaper dealer Min Lin, Lin Ming's wife Lily Lin, Lin Ming's sons Henry and Terry, and Lin Yunli's sister, Lin Yunbin (Irene).During the trial, Judge Elizabeth Fullerton described Xie Lianbin's murder as "extremely heinous."

Last June, Xie Lianbin filed an appeal, saying that the jury was misled by a key piece of evidence.

But on the 15th of this month, Xie Lianbin was declared invalid for his appeal.

It is reported that Xie Lianbin's wife, Kathy Lin, also appeared in the court on the 15th and left quietly after the trial. (Compiled by Sun Shishi)

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