Australia-Sydney's top secret vaccine storage warehouse exposed! 8 doses of Pfizer vaccine arrive next week (Photos) | Chinatown, Australia

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The “Daily Mail” reported on February 2 that Australia’s first batch of Pfizer vaccines will arrive from Belgium next week and will be secretly distributed by global logistics company DHL.

The “Daily Mail” reported on February 2 that Australia’s first batch of Pfizer vaccines will arrive from Belgium next week and will be secretly distributed by global logistics company DHL.


DHL revealed that thousands of doses of vaccines can only remain active in an environment of minus 70 degrees. They will be stored in a highly confidential place in Sydney and then distributed to 200 cold storage facilities across Australia.

It is reported that the ultra-low temperature storage environment makes transportation and storage extremely difficult.

Pfizer revealed that after storing in their insulated transporter for up to 30 days, their vaccine can be stored at 2°C to 8°C for another 5 days.The company stated on its website that the vaccine cannot be stored frozen after that.

Saul Resnick, CEO of DHL Australia and New Zealand Supply Chain, said that because vaccines are so precious, storage locations must be kept secret.

He revealed in an interview with the Australian Nine News on Sunday: “The purpose of confidentiality is to ensure that before Australians are vaccinated, the product will receive the best care as the most sought-after product.”

It is reported that the plan is known as the "largest logistics project" in Australian history. The logistics giant will deliver hundreds of thousands of vaccines to a dedicated refrigerator in a secret warehouse.

It is said that Australia has 15 vaccine freezers, 11 of which are located in Sydney and the rest are located in Adelaide and Perth. Each freezer can store 14 doses of Pfizer vaccine.

The vaccine will be distributed in special refrigerators with dry ice. These refrigerators are equipped with thermal sensors. If the temperature is higher than the required temperature, these sensors will send information to the central control tower.

Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt said that Australia is expected to receive the first 8 doses of the new crown vaccine by the end of next week.He said these vaccines will arrive under tight security.

(Image source: "Daily Mail")

Later this month, some vulnerable residents will be vaccinated first.Prior to this, the Therapeutic Drug Administration will conduct final tests to ensure its safety.

Hunt said: "I have talked with the person in charge of Pfizer and confirmed that the vaccine is expected to arrive this weekend. The vaccination work will start in the last week of February, but it will depend on the availability, quality and temperature control. set."

Currently, Australia has ordered 2000 million doses of Pfizer vaccine, enough to vaccinate 1000 million people, and Pfizer vaccine will arrive in 5000 batches.


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