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Release your eyes, put on headphones, and listen~!
Recently, Henan TV’s Spring Festival Gala dance program "Tang Palace Night Banquet" is "out of the circle"!What kind of fairy show is this? Poke video to watch ↓↓↓↓Miss. . .
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A Spring Festival Gala Dance Show on Henan TV

"Tang Palace Night Banquet"

"Out of the circle"!

What kind of fairy show is this?

Poke the video to watch

↓ ↓ ↓ ↓

Little sisters are playful and cute

As if walking out of an ancient painting

Background from beauty painting to splash ink landscape

In the end, the palace wall was raised on the ground and it was shocking

Feel really in front of the screen

Watched a palace feast


Fuhao Owl, Lotus and Crane Square Pot

Jiahu Bone Flute, Practicing Picture, Hairpin Lady Picture

Prepare a trip map, a map of thousands of miles of rivers and mountains

Waiting for the seven national treasures

It's like a wonderful night trip to the museum of a girl from the Tang Dynasty

Gorgeous as a dream

This show

Let netizens travel back to Datang in one second

They all admired what "fairy show" this is

One million more times!

@kenanyi: This program really does the phrase "Let the National Treasure Live". After watching it, I really want to go to the Henan Museum. After the epidemic has passed, I must come and see it with my own eyes.

@ Steam of 斯大银: This performance is so cute, the little maid walks and bumps and bumps and is so funny!

@Minoz 佳喜欢太妃糖:看了表演突然觉得《清明上河图》也可以搬上舞台了,让画上的人物都舞动起来。

@然然然: What kind of fairy show is this?One million more times!

General director Chen Lei introduced

《唐宫夜宴》由 2020 年郑州歌舞剧院

Entries in the XNUMXth China Dance Lotus Award

Adapted from "Tang Warriors"

The overall style is humorous

Without losing cultural heritage

“ 2021 年的春晚

Hope to give you more joy

Cheer up

Pass joy and warmth"

Chen Lei said

After communicating with the original choreographers of this dance

The party did not make too many changes to the dance content itself

Only slightly compressed

As far as possible from the perspective of TV packaging

To add points to the performance of this dance

“我们运用了 5G+AR 的技术

Combine the virtual scene with the real stage

Put singing and dancing into the museum scene

It creates a feeling of a wonderful night in a museum"

In the show

Ladies attending the banquet

Like walking through an ancient painting

They laugh and play sometimes

Dress up sometimes

When the scene switches to a formal court performance

The dancing posture of the palace ladies is magnificent

Show the cultural features of the heyday of Tang Dynasty

In order to reflect the plump Tang Dynasty figurines

The actors are wearing sponge jumpsuits

Cotton in your mouth

And two crescent-shaped makeup on the corners of the eyes

Also completely reproduced

Facial makeup "oblique red" popular in the Tang Dynasty

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