Australia-Asian woman who was sacked but hit a big prize: 40 years of hard work survived | Australia Chinatown

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'We're not just dreaming anymore': Manitoba family. . .

'We're not just dreaming anymore': Manitoba
family shares $60-million Lotto Max jackpot

- The Globe and Mail (@globeandmail)
February 2

According to foreign media reports, Canadian Lotto
The Max Lottery broke out a huge prize of 2020 million Canadian dollars in the draw on December 12, 1.Affected by the epidemic, the winner was only allowed to redeem the prize recently. After strict enforcement of relevant epidemic prevention regulations, the grand prize winner took her prize.

Ms. Deng from Toronto became the lucky one. The 57-year-old is an out-and-out immigrant. As early as 1980, she and 14 siblings crossed the ocean from Laos to Canada with the funding of a church. Settled in Toronto and eventually married and had children.Ms. Deng claimed that she had nothing when she first came to Canada. Without the huge support of the church, she would not be what she is today. She has been grateful for so many years.

It is reported that she bought the lottery ticket at a newsstand in Yonge Street north of York on the day of the draw. The reason was that she found out that she had bought another lottery ticket a few days ago, which made her determined to bet.A few days later, Ms. Deng and her husband went to the bank for business. When she got off the bus, she handed the lottery ticket to her husband and asked him to check the number.Unexpectedly, when Ms. Deng returned to the car again, she had become the grand prize winner of 6000 million Canadian dollars. Her husband told her the good news, and the two embraced and wept.

Ms. Deng said that she and her husband are just ordinary workers and have taken root in Toronto with both hands. What she did not expect was that the negative impact of the new crown epidemic exceeded expectations. She was sacked by the company last year.However, the misfortune of life did not knock her down. She prayed that she would come and run from time to time. While looking for a job, she insisted on buying lottery tickets. This set of numbers was obtained from her husband’s dream 20 years ago. Perseverance is now finally rewarded, it can be said that hard work pays off.

After redeeming the big prize of 6000 million Canadian dollars, Ms. Deng plans to buy a new house with her husband and pay off her loan.Of course, what Ms. Deng hopes most is that after the epidemic is completely over, she and her family can travel to other countries. After all, she has been in Canada for 40 years. Only she knows the hardships she has suffered during these 40 years. I am very happy to finally have money to see the world.

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