Australia-Infection with COVID-XNUMX will make men stay away for a long time!The doctor confirmed that "inhibition of testosterone production", persuade: Get a vaccine (Photos) | Chinatown, Australia

Release your eyes, put on headphones, and listen~!
德国医师波藤帕(Axel-Juerg Potempa)示警,新冠肺炎可能会导致勃

德国医师波藤帕(Axel-Juerg Potempa)示警,新冠肺炎可能会导致勃起功能出现障碍,且影响时间将会长达数个月。











美国科学家格雷森(Dena Grayson)也同意「新冠肺炎将导致不举」的这项看法,她曾表示,新冠病毒导致的勃起功能障碍的确是个令人担忧的后遗症,「这是一件值得关注的事,新冠病毒不但可以杀了你,还有可能造成长期的潜在并发症。」

Topic: Countries around the world respond to the new crown pneumonia epidemic into the topic >>

Too scary!After taking Pfizer vaccine, the eyes were slanted and 4 people had adverse reactions. The FDA insisted that there was no problem... (Picture)

Australia wants to take the lead in investigating the origin of the virus!Beijing clearly refuses: political manipulation is unpopular (photo)

Why did you suddenly change your face?WHO also needs to investigate the source of the virus, will China agree to it (photo)

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