Australia-Report: China tries to reshape international public opinion through "junk fake information" | Australia Chinatown

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Graphika, who has repeatedly exposed pro-Beijing online propaganda activities, mentioned in the new report that tens of thousands of fake social media accounts have "emerged" on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter since 2019. China sings hymns, attacks Hong Kong's "anti-send China" protest movement, and criticizes the United States.Although the three major social media platforms have "fighted against counterfeiting" several times, these fake accounts that spread spamouflage continue to "resurrect", and even "evolve" to become more and more like real people, successfully contacting real users.



The author of the report reminded that the fake account has many flaws and is not difficult to identify. Features include inactive for a long time in the past, but suddenly began to publish China-related content, or created an account that was merged with the Facebook page of the same name on the day of creation; Vocal reading, video with Chinese and English subtitles, etc.


中国野心不小  要重塑国际媒体主旋律?




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