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According to several people familiar with the matter, the Biden administration and Congressional Democrats will announce the immigration reform bill later this week, which includes the illegal entry of 1100 million into the United States. . .

According to a number of people familiar with the matter, the Biden administration and Congressional Democrats will announce the immigration reform bill later this week, which includes giving 1100 million undocumented immigrants illegally entering the United States a chance to naturalize and expand the refugee resettlement plan; former President Trump proposed "Public burden" (public
charge) Immigration exclusion regulations are about to end

The National Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) reported that the name is the "US Citizenship Act of 2021" (US Citizenship Act of XNUMX).
2021), which will reflect the priorities of immigration reform announced by President Biden on the first day of his inauguration. The draft also includes the expansion of the "dream student" benefits for undocumented immigrants who come to the United States from an early age.

The report pointed out that in the past, regardless of whether the Republicans or Democrats were in power, they had encountered setbacks when they promoted large-scale immigration reforms. The Biden White House team revealed that they would let these reform bills be rolled out in a small way.

Democratic congressmen immediately set out to promote a proposal to allow farm workers and dream students to obtain legal status, and then proceed to a larger immigration reform bill.Related officials and immigrant rights advocates analyzed that the central theme of this wave of immigration reform will make progress.

The National Immigration Law Center (National Immigration Law Center)
Marielena Hincapié, Operations Director of the Center, said that some parts of the bill will become the cornerstone of immigration reform.

Democratic federal senator Robert Menendez (Robert Menendez) will be the head coach in the Senate leading the immigration reform bill.

Menendez issued a statement stating that this immigration plan can not only correct the current broken immigration system, but also create a more complete system to reunite families and allow undocumented immigrants to walk out of the shadows and move towards naturalization. It also stands up for human rights, fundamentally solves the problem of population migration, and launches smart security strategies in border areas.

According to the “Washington Post” report: President Biden announced an immigration bill on his first day in office to provide 1100 million people with no legal status with a path to naturalization in the United States for eight years. However, this immigration bill was met by the Republican Party. People’s criticism, Republican U.S. Senator Cotton (Tom
Cotton) tweeted: “Biden’s bill provides amnesty and citizenship for illegal immigrants, allowing them to transcend law-abiding immigrants.”

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