Australia – Biden officially announced sanctions against the Myanmar military and demanded the release of Aung San Suu Kyi | Australia Chinatown

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2 月 10 日,拜登在一份简短的演讲中称,针对缅甸局势,美国正在联合区域盟友,组建开展国际应对工作。。。

2 月 10日,拜登在一份简短的演讲中称,针对缅甸局势,美国正在联合区域盟友,组建开展国际应对工作。拜登还表示,将借助联合国人权理事会向缅甸方面施压。拜登要求缅甸军方停止掌握夺取来的权力,立即释放包括昂山素季在内的被关押的相关人士。


Biden also announced that it will use export restrictions to freeze financial support that will benefit the Myanmar government, but will ensure that the Myanmar people continue to receive support from the United States in areas such as public health.

Biden said that he would not rule out further measures afterwards, and he called on the international community to take joint action.

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