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Biden: To prevent China from eating our lunch

拜登周四就他和习近平的通话向媒体表示,如果美国不行动起来,中国就会“吃掉我们的午餐” 。



Biden told the media at the White House on Thursday that he had a good conversation with Xi Jinping for two hours the day before.But he went on to say that if the United States does not act, China will "eat our lunch", that is, completely defeat the United States.


"First, the U.S. government will emphasize the importance of human rights. Second, the U.S. will seek a balance between U.S.-China competition and cooperation. Third, the U.S. will continue to seek a level playing field in the U.S.-China economic relationship."

美国着名中国问题专家、哥伦比亚大学政治学教授黎安友(Andrew Nathan) (视频截图)


Just earlier in the day, Biden visited the Pentagon for the first time as the commander-in-chief of the three services, and initiated the US Department of Defense's China strategic assessment involving national security.He also announced that the Ministry of National Defense has established a China working group composed of more than a dozen civilians and military officers to conduct a baseline assessment of the department's China policies, plans, and progress.This working group will put forward a series of recommendations for senior defense officials in the next four months to counter China's various strategic actions.


Professor Yang Dali, a professor of political science at the University of Chicago, said that the US government made a series of strategic moves on the day of the phone call between Biden and Xi Jinping, showing that Washington will seek cooperation with China while continuing its tough stance on China.

"The Biden administration is not approaching China by pleasing China, but seeing China as a potential threat and competitor."

Biden will continue part of the previous government's China policy

It is reported that before the call between the two heads of state, some unnamed senior U.S. government officials said at a news briefing that Biden would continue some of the Trump administration’s confrontational China policy, including challenging China’s territorial claims in Asia. , Protect Taiwan’s interests and Hong Kong’s autonomy, and combat China’s cyber theft and hacking.Officials also said that they would retain Trump's additional tariffs on Chinese imports, while conducting a comprehensive review of US-China trade policies.

According to the Los Angeles Times, these officials stated at the briefing that Trump's "America First" policy has isolated the United States internationally and helped China.The Biden administration will make major adjustments to this, emphasizing cooperation with allies and a foreign policy based on values.

They also stated that the U.S.-China contest will start with improving its own strength. The U.S. will do its best to quell the new crown epidemic and rejuvenate its own economy, including enhancing the competitiveness of emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence and 5G networks.

Li Anyou believes that the Biden administration hopes to establish a healthy competitive relationship with the Beijing authorities, rather than blindly contain China's development.

"In order to maintain its strategic position, the United States needs to compete with China and enhance its own strength, instead of suppressing China's development."

Biden recently told the US media that there is no need for conflict between the United States and China, but there will be "extremely fierce competition."

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