Australia-Queensland’s 4.5-meter “well-known big man” is horribly stagnant in the water, with ropes all over his body!Once loved by the locals... (Photos) | Australia Chinatown

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The body of a huge "iconic" crocodile in Queensland was dragged out of the water, with ropes still wrapped around its body.

7News website reported on February 2 that the body of a huge “iconic” crocodile in Queensland was dragged out of the water, with ropes still wrapped around its body.


But no one will be responsible for the death of this saltwater crocodile, which is about 4.2 meters to 4.5 meters long.

It is believed that the crocodile drowned in Dickson Inlet, Port Douglas. The Queensland Environment Department stated that it was previously “entangled in crab cages and boat ropes”.


(Image source: 7News)

Port Douglas Yacht Club manager Sam Leo said the "old boy" was found floating in the water and the body was removed two days later.

In an interview with 7NEWS, he said: "It is the leading male crocodile in the area."

"He often comes here, wandering around the yacht club and waterways."

"He is an iconic tourist hotspot and is highly respected and loved by locals."

"It's so tragic that this big guy ended his life in this way."



p style=”text-align:center”> (picture source: 7News)

Many people commented on the post about the death of crocodile on the club's Facebook homepage, lamenting "this method of death is terrible" and calling for the cessation of fishing activities.

However, the environmental department did not investigate the death of the crocodile, but only warned people to pay attention to the relevant responsibilities when using crab cages.The spokesman said: "Crab cages in the water may entangle crocodiles and other marine animals, or even drown them." "Citizens should check the crab cages regularly and remove them from the water after hunting to reduce entanglement. Animal risk."

Leo speculated that these cages were legally left in the water by "responsible crab catchers and fishermen". "We only know that there are two crab traps around the crocodile, plus a stainless steel wire on the mooring rope," he said. "From every aspect, these are legally placed." He also warned that the crocodile was moved. Excluding this area may cause greater danger. "As it disappears, we may find another two to three male crocodiles in the area." "People need to be more careful."


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