Australia-It was obvious that the airport was built but it suddenly became archeological... Netizen: Xi'an Daily | Australia Chinatown

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据陕西省文物局官方微博(@汉唐网 )2 月 15 日消息,牛年春节,陕西省考古研究院空港新城考古研究。。。
            据陕西省文物局官方微博(@汉唐网 )2 月 15


4600 余处,其中包括各时期古墓葬 3500 余座,遗迹数量和规模都非常巨大,考古发掘任务非常艰巨。

经省考古研究院与机场建设指挥部协商决定,2 月 4 日至 17 日春节假期期间,空港新城考古研究基地动员干部、技工、安全员、后勤保障等
60 余名员工,由 7 个劳务公司配合 900

The airport base will continue to scientifically plan the excavation plan, mobilize all forces, complete the archaeological excavation work with a high sense of responsibility and professionalism with high quality, high standards and high efficiency, promote the smooth progress of the third phase of the airport expansion project, and ensure that the archaeological excavations achieve the expected results reward.


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