Australia-warm heart!Out of control wildfires in Western Australia are still spreading. Hundreds of displaced animals live in "Noah's Ark"... | Australia Chinatown

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A catastrophic forest fire in Western Australia destroyed dozens of houses and forced hundreds of residents to evacuate.During this period, Perth's premier thoroughbred horse auction house became the "Noah's Ark" for animals.

7News website reported on February 2 that a catastrophic forest fire in Western Australia destroyed dozens of houses and forced hundreds of residents to evacuate.During this period, Perth’s premier thoroughbred horse auction house became the animal’s ". "


On Monday night, the fire destroyed 81 houses near Wooroloo. The fire has spread westward to farms, farmland and the urban coastal plain.

The fire has left many families homeless.

In addition, there were hundreds of animals with nowhere to go until the Perth Magic Millions, about 20 kilometers from the fire, opened the gate to the stables.


(Image source: 7News)

Company manager David Houston said in an interview with AAP on Thursday: "As we were preparing for the annual foal sales in Western Australia, we received a call from the mayor and asked if we could help keep a few horses."

"I thought there would be 30 to 40 horses, but as of Tuesday morning, we have taken in more than 300 animals." "Among them are herds of goats, alpacas, and horses of all sizes and colors known to humans. "There are various horses such as pony, stallion mare, and race horse."

The fire has spread for 21 kilometers since it started burning near Werribee Rd in Woorolooo at noon on Monday.At present, the fire line is 8 kilometers wide and the affected area exceeds 1 hectares.Hundreds of residents were prevented from returning to their homes in the fire site, and about 800 telephone poles collapsed.



p style=”text-align: center”>(Image source: Internet)

According to forecasts, strong easterly winds will blow later on Thursday, and fires on the western and northern borders are expected to intensify. Firefighters say the fire will continue to burn for many days.

Darren Klemm, head of the fire and emergency services department, said: "Everyone can see how strong the wind is outside. This is also a problem that we will face today and tomorrow."

Houston said he and his team are happy to help, and the stables will continue to be open to forest fire victims until the crisis is over.He said: "We are doing our best to help." "I hope people can bring their animals home as soon as possible and continue to live."


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